Who knew that counterparty risk would suddenly become the hot topic on everyone’s lips

Who knew that counterparty risk would suddenly become the hot topic on everyone’s lips? Geopolitical tensions are increasing. The rapid depreciation of various currencies globally

Zacatecas Silver Continues to Advance its Late Stage Development Assets in Mexico

Countries worldwide continue to deal with plummeting currencies relative to the U.S. dollar as the Federal Reserve continues on its path to fight inflation by

Denarius Metals Continues to Focus on Advancing the Lomero-Poyatos Project in Spain

As the global economy continues to deal with inflationary pressures, volatile markets, and a full-blown energy crisis, there continues to be unprecedented amounts of uncertainty

Zacatecas Silver Continues to Focus on Advancing its High-Quality Assets in Mexico

Gold continues to trade in U.S dollar terms at 11-month lows as the dollar is currently at its strongest in a generation as currencies around

China Is “Like a Black Hole Where the Gold Goes in and Never Comes Out” – Frank Giustra on Investing Amid Inflation and War

China is “like a black hole where the gold goes in and never comes out,” says Frank Giustra, a major player in the mining industry

Zacatecas Silver Acquires the Advanced Stage High Grade Oxide Esperanza Gold Project

Gold has continued to showcase its resiliency in 2022 as risk-off appetite continues to ripple throughout the global economy as we see a continued slowdown

Steppe Gold Resumes Production at the ATO Gold Mine in Mongolia

As countries worldwide continue to deal with inflation, gold is beginning to catch the interest of generalist investors globally. Gold prices in U.S dollar terms

NG Energy Nearing Natural Gas Production with Plenty of Exploration Upside in 2022

As we continue to see the tragic geopolitical situation in Ukraine unfold, commodity markets have been rocked worldwide. On Monday, the benchmark Dutch TTF natural

ION Energy Continues to Actively Explore for Lithium Brine in Mongolia

The world is slowly beginning to wake up to the importance of minerals, as supply chains continue to feel strained worldwide. Recently, the United States

Kesselrun Resources Continues to Advance the Huronian Project in Thunder Bay

As geopolitical tensions continue to escalate, gold showcases its safe-haven appeal. Gold recently jumped to a 15-month high as Russia invaded Ukraine to coincide the