Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey says ‘hyperinflation’ will happen soon in the U.S. and the world

Serbia Vows to Boost Gold Reserves as China’s Zijin Opens Mine

EU leaders warn of risk to industry over shortage of magnesium from China

Jeffrey Gundlach says inflation will stay above 4% through 2022

U.S. Posts $2.77 Trillion Budget Gap, Second-Biggest Ever

U.S. Warns of Efforts by China to Collect Genetic Data

Container Ships Headed for U.S. Poised to Worsen Port Bottleneck

Putin warns of possible oil shortage due to lack of investment

Palantir’s Peter Thiel thinks people should be concerned about surveillance AI

Bank of America says the Fed is playing with fire by downplaying inflation

Putin says Western military backing of Ukraine threatens Russia

Fed Ethics Office Warned Officials to Curb Unnecessary Trading Last Year… 

World Bank sees ‘significant’ inflation risk from high energy prices

China Meets Only Half of U.S. Trade Deal Target as Talks Restart

Russia continues to add gold to the country’s huge forex reserves

China presses McDonald’s to expand e-currency system before Olympics

Price pressures: Canada’s inflation hits 18-year high

Paul Tudor Jones says inflation could be worse than feared, biggest threat to markets and society

Energy crunch hits global recovery as winter approaches

P&G to increase prices further as commodity, freight costs bite

‘People Are Hoarding’: Food Shortages Are The Next Supply-Chain Crunch

Energy Crisis Threatens Return Of 1970s Inflation

Russia will continue to ditch US dollar in economy & trade – official

Evergrande’s deal to sell majority stake in its property services unit put on hold, report

Brazil’s Petrobras sees fuel demand above production capacity in November

China’s magnesium shortage threatens global car industry

German metals industry warns of disruption from global magnesium shortage

Supply-Crunch Inflation Gives Central Banks an Unfixable Problem

Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Get Fed Trading Ban Proposal by Oct. 15 as Requested

Treasury Says Crypto, Rival Currencies Risk Eroding Sanctions

Ghana Seeks to Ensure E-Cedi Digital Currency Can Be Used Offline

The wealthiest 10% of Americans own a record 89% of all U.S. stocks

Fed’s Powell sold up to $5M in stock in 2020 before market tanked

Carl Icahn says the market over the long run will certainly ‘hit the wall’ because of money printing

China’s energy crisis threatens lengthy disruption to global supply chain

Stablecoins Like Tether Could Pose New Risks to Securities Markets, Fitch Warns

Federal Judges or Their Brokers Traded Stocks of Litigants During Cases

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