INDIA: Gold reserves up 36 per cent in last five years

India’s GAIL rationing gas

Tesla Signs Battery-Material Deals in China.

U.S. emergency crude stockpile falls to lowest in 37 years

HSBC Sees More Trouble in China’s Property Market

U.S. targets Chinese, UAE firms in new Iran oil sanctions

China Banks May Face $350 Billion in Losses From Property Crisis

Chinese developer Evergrande’s unit ordered to pay out $1.1 billion

China Evergrande Breaks Silence on Debt-Restructuring Plan

Food banks in America experience surging demand: ‘No sign of it slowing down any time soon’

America’s New Energy Crisis

A Swelling Mountain of Bills Plagues India’s Power Industry

India launches first international bullion exchange to bring transparency

Swiss National Bank posts record H1 loss, says no policy impact

Ruble Is Stumbling as Yuan Trading Volumes Soar to Record

US Bank workers opened fake accounts for sales goals

McDonald’s Increases Price of Cheeseburger for First Time in 14 Years

This map shows the massive gas pipeline that Russia and China are building

Nearly half of all Americans are falling deeper in debt as inflation continues to boost costs

Difficulty Paying Bills Tops Pandemic High in US Census Survey

Confidence declines third straight month...

China Targeted Fed to Build Informant Network and Access Data, Probe Finds

Coinbase Faces SEC Probe on Crypto Listings; Shares Tumble

India’s international bullion exchange will launch on July 29th

Tether’s recovery of an $840mn loan scrutinised in Celsius bankruptcy

U.S. Officials Grow More Concerned About Potential Action by China on Taiwan

Energy bills will push millions into unmanageable debt, MPs warn

Taiwan Conducts Air Raid Drills Amid China Tension, Potential Pelosi Visit

Chinese State-Owned Firm Won Nearly 6 Million Barrels of US Oil Reserves Through Auction Sale, Records Show

China’s net gold imports via Hong Kong soar in June

White House says a second consecutive quarter of negative GDP ‘unlikely’ to be indicative of recession

Zimbabwe debuts gold coins as legal tender to stem inflation

German landlord LEG calls for limiting heating supply, Handelsblatt reports

Chinese property stocks rally on $44bn bailout hopes

Russia’s Gazprom says new turbine halt will further cut gas to Germany via Nord Stream 1

FINALLY: U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen acknowledged there is a risk of a recession…

‘A beacon of hope’: Ukraine, Russia sign grain export deal

China Evergrande CEO, CFO step down after probe into property services unit

 Europe’s banks brace for bumpy ride after cheap money decade

Hungarian Envoy Seeks to Secure Gas in Moscow as Europe Pivots

CBDCs could limit bank runs, US paper argues

JPMorgan Gold Trader Says Boss Coached Him on Spoofing Lie

Record Central Bank Profit to Help Polish Households Buy Coal

US weekly jobless claims unexpectedly jump to 8-month high

It’s not just homebuyers, property suppliers now boycotting loans

China deploys tanks to prevent people from withdrawing money from crisis-hit banks

U.S. charges ex-Coinbase manager in first crypto insider trading case

China’s angry homeowners are a powerful political weapon

Tesla has cashed out most of its bad bitcoin bet

China Demand Revival Can Add to Europe Energy Woe, Goldman Says

Wall Street Debates the Real Message Behind Bank Loss Provisions

Turkey Looks to Ditch Dollar in Payments for Russian Energy

The Monetary Authority of Singapore posts S$7.4 billion annual loss

China holdings of U.S. debt fall below $1 trillion for the first time since 2010

Blackrock: Lost lost $1.7 trillion of clients’ money in first half of the year

Investors cut equity allocations to lowest level since Lehman collapse

Iran boosts crude supply to Venezuela for refining, freeing up exportable oil

Turkey’s lira tumbles to weakest since December 2021

Exclusive: Russia seeking oil payments from India in dirhams

A Russia-China gas pipeline will begin construction in 2024 while the EU signs a supply deal with Azerbaijan, reports say

Europe Power Firms’ Debt Soars to $1.7 Trillion on Energy Crisis

Goldman’s second-quarter profit fell 47%…

Bank of America profit falls 32%..

Exclusive: Russia’s Gazprom tells Europe gas halt beyond its control

Governments Risk Undoing Central Bank Inflation Fight, IMF Says

Putin Signs Law Prohibiting Payments With Digital Assets in Russia

France to turn off lights as Macron warns of energy problems ahead

Goldman Sachs profits falls 47%

Treasuries Now a Losing Proposition for Their Biggest Global Fan

Wells Fargo profit falls as the bank sets aside funds for bad loans, company’s shares drop

Saudi Arabia doubles second-quarter Russian fuel oil imports for power generation

U.S. approves possible sale of military assistance to Taiwan

China Convenes Banks on Mortgage Boycott Roiling Markets

Powell, Clarida cleared of wrongdoing in Fed trading controversy

Russia’s gas shutoff is forcing Europe’s biggest buyer of its supplies to draw down winter emergency reserves

China economic growth slows to 0.4% after covid lockdowns

China Property Protests Threaten $220 Billion Hit For Banks

JPMorgan gold traders used ‘spoof’ deals to cheat for years: ex-employee

Rents in US Rise at Fastest Pace Since 1986, Buoying Inflation

Gasoline surge pushes up costs for chemicals used in essential goods

U.S. inflation unexpectedly hits 9.1%, setting new 40-year high

Global regulator calls for ‘vigilance’ amid confluence of risks

BRICS expects Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to join group soon

German firm calls for energy price cap to avoid social unrest

IMF Warns It Will Cut Global Growth Forecast Again With ‘Darkened’ Outlook

Chinese Homebuyers Across 22 Cities Refuse to Pay Mortgages

China’s Plunging Markets Flash Fresh Warning Signs on Economy

U.S. says it is concerned critical minerals vulnerable to manipulation

Brazil wants to buy as much diesel as it can from Russia, talks ongoing

Charlie Munger says buying crypto is investing in nothing – and he avoids it like a dirty sewer

Texas heatwave and energy crunch curtails Bitcoin mining

Opec forecasts booming oil demand will test its production capacity

Opinion: How China Wants to Replace the U.S. Order

Worst of Global Energy Crisis May Still Be Ahead, IEA Says

U.S. yield curve most inverted in 15 years

ECB digital euros could be capped –French central banker

Evergrande Risks First Local Bond Default as Delay Rejected

Car Repos Are Exploding. That’s a Bad Omen.

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