Dolly Varden Focuses on Adding Ounces the Remainder of 2023

In a move triggered by a labor strike notice, Newmont, the world’s largest gold miner, announced yesterday the suspension of operations at its Peñasquito mine

Central-Bank Digital Currencies Are Coming

The concept of a “Central-Bank Digital Currency” (CBDC) may sound complex and unfamiliar, but it’s worth gaining familiarity as these digital versions of traditional currencies

BRICS Bank Opens Doors for New Members: Saudi Arabia Interested to Join

As the New Development Bank (NDB) — a lending institution birthed by the BRICS coalition (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) — seeks to

Turkish Lira Plummets As New Government Pursues Rational Policies

In a bold declaration, newly-appointed Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek has stated that Turkey must make a radical shift in its economic policy to combat its

China’s High-Stakes Strategy to Dominate the World’s Lithium Supply

In their strategic quest to secure the world’s lithium supply, Chinese firms are investing billions into mines across the developing world despite rising resistance from

China Amplifies Middle East Influence Through Strategic Energy Partnerships

In a significant move to expand its global energy foothold, China has been aggressively investing in the Middle East’s energy infrastructure. This strategic shift underscores

Fueling Change: Iran’s Plans for a Regional Natural Gas Hub

In an ambitious strategy to reshape the regional energy landscape, Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji announced on Wednesday that Iran is working closely with Russia,

China’s Role in U.S. Imports Diminishes, Hits 2006 Levels

As spring ushers in economic vitality, the U.S. continues to satiate its appetite for foreign goods while concurrently decreasing its dependency on Chinese imports, according

Crisis Ahead: Commercial Real Estate Crash Lurks as Major Risk to US Economy

The $20 trillion commercial real estate market has emerged as the next substantial risk on the horizon for US banks, amidst an era of financial

Janet Yellen Warns: Sanctions Could Undermine US Dollar Dominance

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen cautioned on Sunday that the continued use of economic sanctions on countries like Russia could potentially threaten the dominance of