Great Pacific Gold Set for Significant Growth as Gold Prices Soar

*Great Pacific Gold is a client of the Gold Telegraph Amidst ongoing global economic uncertainty, gold is reaching unprecedented highs across all major currencies. The

SolGold Continues to Focus on Unlocking Value at the Cascabel Project

*SolGold is a client of the Gold Telegraph With gold and copper starting to break out, SolGold is rapidly gaining recognition as a standout developer

Great Pacific Gold Set for a Very Busy 2024 with Strong Portfolio of Assets

Gold and precious metals continue to trade very strongly as we get closer to the end of 2023. The demand for gold by central banks

Meridian Mining Gears Up for an Exciting 2024: Advancing One of Brazil’s Top VMS Deposits

One of Brazil’s most promising copper and gold projects at the development stage is preparing for an eventful 2024. With all the necessary pieces aligned,

Saudi-Iran Collaborative Effort to Tap Shared Oil Fields

Mohsen Khojastehmehr, the leader of Iran’s National Oil Company (NIOC), announced that Iran and Saudi Arabia are beginning to work together in the oil industry.

China Used American Tech in Spy Balloons

Early this year, a Chinese balloon floating over the U.S. was found to be filled with American-made spying equipment. This was revealed by U.S. officials

China has Become the Largest Creditor to Developing Nations

China, now the largest lender to developing countries, is working with global organizations to help countries restructure their debt payments. This comes amid the worst

Borrowing to drive Japan’s debt over 1,100 trillion yen for first time

Japan’s national debt is projected to exceed 1,100 trillion yen ($8.47 trillion) by the end of the fiscal year in March 2027, indicating the country’s

IMF working on global central bank digital currency platform

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is building a system for digital currencies issued by central banks, which will enable transactions between different countries. This was

Central Banks are on the Way: 130 countries exploring central bank digital currencies

A study reveals that 130 nations, which make up 98% of the global economy, are looking into creating digital versions of their own currencies. Almost