BRICS Nations Eye New Currency as Potential Safe Guard Against Sanctions

At a recent conclave in Cape Town, foreign ministers from the BRICS nations initiated discussions with the New Development Bank (NDB), a financial institution established

Unprecedented Mining Merger Boom Arrives: What Next?

Newmont Corporation, the US-based mining giant, recently announced the agreement to acquire Australia’s Newcrest Mining in a blockbuster $17.5 billion deal. This transaction, marking the

Fosterville South Acquires Significant Land Package in Papua New Guinea

Fosterville South Exploration (TSX-V: FSX) recently unveiled a monumental acquisition, securing a vast 2166 sq. km mineral exploration land package in the resource-rich terrain of

A SLOW Moving Train

Oil is up over 6% today. In recent months, members of OPEC have expressed frustration with the oil market. Saying the oil market seemed disconnected

India is getting in on the action

The Commerce Secretary of India said the country is prepared to conduct trade in Indian rupees with nations experiencing currency failure or a shortage of


Here is a brief recap:  In just three months in 2021, Brazil’s gold reserves surged nearly 100%. Today it holds nearly 130 tons. In March

Vizsla Silver’s Commitment to Unlocking a District-Scale Discovery: Advancing the Panuco Project

In the last 12 days, we have witnessed the collapse of four banks, and the troubling trend seems to continue as First Republic Bank suffers,

The Rise and Fall of Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is crumbling.  The Swiss banking system is feeling the heat.  Top investors are unwilling to invest more. Welcome to 2023. Credit Suisse, recognized

During the 1930s, many banks failed in the United States

During the 1930s, many banks failed in the United States.  In total, it is estimated that over 9,000 banks failed during this period, with most

The trend of wealth shifting from debt to hard assets

The trend of wealth shifting from debt to hard assets continues to get traction as the everything bubble started to burst last year.  Today we