The Revenge of the Gold and Silver Industry… [Day 1]


I would like to kick off this reddit post with a special quote from John Adams:

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”

This quote has a very profound and deep meaning; however, Mr. Adams would be simply astonished if he lived today.

Huge wide-spread communities are unleashing movements that are driving financial markets vs. traditional natural market forces.

As I have persistently said for years, it was only a matter of time for these natural forces to breakdown due to unprecedented central bank market intervention, which has always just blown the asset bubble in more senior asset classes.

1. Tech Bubble (1999)

2. Housing Bubble (2008)

3. Bond Bubble (2020)

We are now at a major inflection point in financial markets, where there is an extreme disdain for wall-street and central banks due to the economic conditions we find ourselves in today.

Student debt costs are out of control, wealth inequality continues to rocket, and small businesses are closing for good in droves.

People are frustrated and are in desperation mode to send a message.

My argument in this simple Reddit post is that it should be done with gold and silver… I can’t give the full run down as this is purely a Reddit post, not a formal essay, and my writing style will reflect that.


Gold and silver represent honest money.

Gold and silver represent liberty.

Gold and silver represent peace.

Since 1971, when gold was officially demonetized from the monetary system, we walked uphill with significant resistance.


A pure fiat monetary system was birthed, where a debt tsunami has been constant and vigorous. Central Bankers have been focused on wealth effects instead of price stability in asset prices, which has only blown major bubbles and created absolute dysfunction in financial markets, which is indicative by looking at wealth inequality TODAY.

Money is meant to have three primary qualities:

1. A Medium of Exchange

2. A Unit of Account

3. A Store of Value.

The mainstream media has painted this story and this false perceptional bias towards the gold industry. I won’t name drop, but many industry leaders and household name investors have liked to say, “Gold is useless because it yields NOTHING,” and buying STONKS is better.

It is much easier for them to make this type of claim vs. the average joe because:

  1. Many of them are highly levered (every financial incentive to say this)

  2. Many of them are brilliant investors

  3. Many of them advocate AGAINST gold because of its direct competition to the USD. <- Reserve Currency status


The reason why this #silversqueeze is gaining serious traction is that it’s the first time where PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD are STANDING UP and sending a clear message to wall-street that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. People are tired of seeing wall-street flourish while they are on the sidelines hurting.

The Federal Reserve has been feeding the machine absolute misinformation for years… they continue to say that inflation has been moderate and below the 2% CPI rate while discrediting asset prices.

Asset prices are now in hyperinflation mode.

Why is that?

Manipulated debt markets through the printing press.

Central Banks globally have doubled down on the stupid economic errors that the world has seen the Bank of Japan do for years… which has led their economy through a period of stagflation.

Debt markets are now manipulated through yield fixing, which is driving these manias. The middle class is now in full-fledge desperation mode, trying to generate some income to feed their families, which is driving all asset prices UP and speculations to run rampant.

GOLD AND SILVER are 2 of the lasts assets that are still very cheap when viewed against everything else.

Gold represents a universal, durable and reliable form of money with regards to preserving wealth alongside silver, but they are two very different elements.

When measured against any fiat currency over at 3, 5, 10, 25-year time duration, gold has unequally outperformed ALL of them.

& for the mainstream Keynesian students, don’t give me the equity vs. gold comparison because owning equities requires counterparty risk…

Tangible metal represents the truth, and YOU ARE YOUR OWN BANK.

“Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves.” ― Norm Franz

People worldwide are NOW standing up and kickstarting a POWERFUL sound money movement.

Gold and silver bring very different value propositions to investors due to its utility (supply/demand components).

Still, silver is poised for a major BREAKOUT as we drift into this commodity supercycle, and governments look to invest green (which will require a lot of silver). Additionally, citizens will look to silver as a savings mechanism while dropping lifeless money, AKA FIAT MONEY. (Negative real interest rates) .

Globally, gold and silver will be used as wealth preservation tools at a much greater scale in the years to come because it is proven and reliable and TANGIBLE.

I wish I could expand and give my full rant on why GOLD AND SILVER is about to go through its most powerful run the world has ever seen, but I will save that for the Joe Rogan podcast if he allows me to do so, but our trail of tweets should allow you to piece it all together. (click here to view)

To everyone that is in this fight, BE STRONG. We are on the verge of CREATING HISTORY, TOGETHER.

I will write a detailed assessment in the coming days here on Reddit but in the meantime…. Things are lining up for a historic evening:

Don’t forget about all the corruption and manipulation that has transpired in our industry:



– The Gold Telegraph