Ray Dalio slams UK government’s policy error that tanked pounds, bonds

IMF Says UK’s ‘Untargeted’ Fiscal Measures Will Likely Boost Inequality

Nord Stream Leaks Spur Scramble to Protect Europe’s Energy Infrastructure

China’s Offshore Currency Hits Record Low Against Dollar

UK Government Seeks to Rebuild Credibility After BOE Bailout

U.S. oil refinery run-rates could top 90% for 3rd quarter in a row

Colombia agrees to ease tax changes to oil, mining

UK 30-Year Bond Yield Surges Above 5% for First Time Since 2002

China shifts US bond holdings offshore, potentially beyond the reach of any future currency sanctions, report says

America Has Lost Its Oil Buffer

Mortgage rates jump to 6.29% — the highest in 15 years

IMF Says Gold Coins a Missed Chance to Build Zimbabwe Reserves

China cuts U.S. debt holdings 9% in suspected shift to tax havens

Turkey’s Erdogan to hold meeting on Russian Mir payments, possible sanctions -sources

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn warns the US economy has tough days ahead – and blames the Fed for painful inflation

Hungary says EU should not consider new sanctions against Russia

Small number of huge companies dominate global food chain, study finds

Turkey’s Erdogan targets joining Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, media reports say

China raises holdings of Treasuries in July, Japan cuts holdings, U.S. Treasury Department data show

Moscow says Power of Siberia 2 pipeline to China will ‘replace’ Nord Stream 2

The boss of a ‘Black Swan’ fund warns the Fed’s rate hikes could cripple markets and the economy

How China’s Debt Trap Diplomacy will use CBDCs to replace the SWIFT banking system

Russia Is Getting Frozen Out As Traders Negotiate Metals Contracts

Ostracized by the West, Russia Finds a Partner in Saudi Arabia

Falling FX reserves herald Asia financial crisis 2.0

Even $1.2 Trillion of Reserves Isn’t Enough to Scare Yen Bears

U.S. Treasury’s Yellen says oil prices could spike in winter -CNN

Evergrande crisis deepens after lender seizes headquarters

China surpasses US in corporate debt sales as the world’s 2 largest economies see starkly different central bank policies


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