Fed Chair Jerome Powell warns that government debt is on an ‘unsustainable path’

U.S. current account deficit hits record high in first quarter

Opinion: The Age of Credibility for Central Banks Is Over

Germany Warns of Lehman-Like Contagion From Russian Gas Cuts

Bridgewater Doubles Short Wagers in Europe to $10.5 Billion

Russia needs ‘golden ruble’

JPMorgan Lays Off Hundreds in Home Lending After Rate Surge

BRICS basket-based international reserve currency under consideration — Putin

The odds of a ‘hard landing’ for the U.S. economy are rising, according to UBS and the New York Federal Reserve

Bank of America and Citigroup are flagged for potential losses on risky loan deals by rival JPMorgan

Stagflation will be the cost of reducing inflation: Dalio

Fed’s Barkin: Need to Hike Without ‘Breaking Anything’

Central bank digital currencies poised to be the foundation of the financial system, BIS says

India Tells Oil Companies to Load Up on Discounted Russian Crude

Ghana Fuel Shortage Looms as Central Bank Rations Dollars

Switzerland Imports Russian Gold for First Time Since War

Russia Eyes New Rules on State’s Gold, Gem Sales Amid War

Miner Bitfarms Sold Almost Half Its Bitcoin to Reduce Debt

Yellen Urges Less Dependence on Other Nations for Key Supplies

Putin says Russia is building the new world order right now

Dutch join Germany, Austria, in reverting to coal

Russian rouble hits near 7-year high vs dollar

Germany’s Biggest Union Pushes for 7%-8% Raise in Wage Talks

BOJ’s Record $81 Billion Bond Defense Brings Calm to Market

China’s May Russian oil imports hit record, up 55% on year

Australia needs coal, gas to back up renewables – regulators

Germany fires up coal plants to avert gas shortage as Russia cuts supply

Massive Oil Refining Capacity Idle in China Even as Prices Soar

The Myth of the Central Bank ‘Soft Landing’

Federal Reserve’s Powell says digital U.S. dollar could help maintain international primacy

Opinion: The US Is Depleting Its Strategic Petroleum Reserve Faster Than It Looks

The Changing World Order: international role of the dollar is evolving – Powell

Stock market’s fall has wiped out $3 trillion in retirement savings this year

Monthly car payments hit record high of $712 in May

Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Builds $5.7 Billion Bet Against European Stocks

China’s holdings of U.S. Treasuries skid to 12-year low; Japan also cuts holdings

ECB Would Limit Digital Euro to Maximum 1.5T, Says Fabio Panetta

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