Private Settlement by Harte Gold

Increases $30 Million to Match Flow-Through Demand

December 19, 2017 – Stephen G. Roman, President & CEO of Harte Gold Corporation, states a major change in their recent Private Settlement Deal from C$3.8 million of ancillary flow-through pay to C$30.8 million in joint earnings. Due to the Company’s flow-through demand, this move is vital to maintain profitability. Increased FT Shares of 6,720,357 translates to an overall allotment of 63,805,765 junior equity shares in Harte Gold.

The C$30.8 million offering consists of two divisions. The first accounts for 55,299,694 Ordinary Shares priced competitively at C$0.47 each. The latter half holds 8,506,071 flow-through shares set at C$0.56 to avoid double taxation within the Canadian Income Tax Act. New York City financial services firm, Cantor Fitzgerald, has been approved up to an additional 15% share of the Company by acquisition – FT Shares and Ordinary Shares included. This attainment can only be directed for further profits up to C$4.3 million completed by the End Date.

Net earnings are to be applied to the growth and sustainment of the Sugar Zone Property. Mill development, supply estimate updates, daily operations and the National Instrument 43-101 for the Standards of Disclosure of Mineral Projects all take priority funding. Stationed in Ontario, the Sugar Zone is located 60 km northwest of the Hemlo Mine and 25 km north of the White River. Exclusive to Harte Gold, the Sugar Zone provides 1,117,000 tonnes of gold – grading 8.41 grams/ton. Furthermore, Harte owns the Stoughton-Abitibi property along the Destor-Porcupine Fault Zone to the east.

The closing of the settlement is predicted to commence on December 22, 2017. Conditions first must be meet, but not solely limited, to the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Canadian Securities Administrators requirements.

About Harte Gold

Founded in 1982, the Harte Gold Corporation (HRT) concentrates on surveying and growing the excavation of its coveted Sugar Zone. This property is where a 70,000 tonne advanced sample was recently conducted. Both the Sugar Zone and Stoughton-Abitibi property along the Destor-Porcupine Fault Zone comply to National Instrument 43-101 guidelines.