The Most Expensive Cities in the World

Here’s a report where you’re hoping your country is not at the top of the list. Recently, the economist intelligence unit published a report displaying the world’s most expensive cities.  Asia leads the list of the priciest cities to live in, as five out of the top 10 cities listed are located there. Singapore was at the top of the list followed by Hong Kong.  The most expensive city in Europe was crowned to Zürich, Switzerland.  Here are the other seven high-priced cities: The study took into account how expensive it was to buy essential items at outlets such as supermarkets, specialty outlets, and mid-priced stores. The study curated the list by analyzing the price of clothing, recreation, food, and cost of buying a car. The researchers also looked at recurring expenses such as the cost of renting a home or apartment, utility bills, domestic help and private schools. Did your hometown make the list?