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Company Dictionary

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Melkior Resources IncTSX-V: MKRDiscussion Board
Vangold Mining CorpTSX-V: VGLDDiscussion Board
Superior GoldTSX-V: SGIDiscussion Board
Abcourt Mines Inc.TSX-V: ABIDiscussion Board
Vision Lithium IncTSX-V: VLIDiscussion Board
Aben Resources Ltd.TSX-V: ABNDiscussion Board
Abitibi RoyaltiesTSX-V: ABBDiscussion Board
Abraplata Resource CorpTSX-V: ABRADiscussion Board
Adamera Minerals CorpTSX-V: ADZDiscussion Board
Adex Mining IncTSX-V: ADEDiscussion Board
A.I.S. Resources Limited TSX-V: AISDiscussion Board
Advance Gold CorpTSX-V: AAXDiscussion Board
Advantage Lithium CorpTSX-V: AALDiscussion Board
Adventus Zinc CorporationTSX-V: ADZNDiscussion Board
Affinity Metals CorpTSX-V: AFFDiscussion Board
African Gold Group, IncTSX-V: AGGDiscussion Board
Desert Mountain EnergyTSX-V: DMEDiscussion Board
Aguia Resources LimitedTSX-V: AGRLDiscussion Board
Aguila American Gold LimitedTSX-V: AGLDiscussion Board
Alabama Graphite CorpTSX-V: CSPGDiscussion Board
Alaska Hydro CorporationTSX-V:AKHDiscussion Board
Alba Minerals LtdTSX-V: AADiscussion Board
Albert Mining IncTSX-V: AIIMDiscussion Board
Aldebaran Resources IncTSX-V: ALDEDiscussion Board
Aldever Resources Inc.TSX-V: ALDDiscussion Board
Aldridge Minerals Inc.TSX-V: AGMDiscussion Board
Alexandria Minerals CorporationTSX-V: AZXDiscussion Board
Algold Resources Ltd.TSX-V: ALGDiscussion Board
Alianza Minerals LtdTSX-V: ANZDiscussion Board
Alliance Mining CorpTSX-V: ALMDiscussion Board
Almadex Minerals LimitedTSX-V: AMZDiscussion Board
Pacton Gold, Inc.TSX-V: PACDiscussion Board
Alopex Gold IncTSX-V: AEXDiscussion Board
Alphamin Resources CorpTSX-V: AFMDiscussion Board
Archon Minerals LtdTSX-V: ACSDiscussion Board
Altai Resources IncTSX-V: ATIDiscussion Board
Altair Resources IncTSX-V: AVXDiscussion Board
Altamira Gold Corp.TSX-V: ALTADiscussion Board
Altan Nevada Minerals LimitedTSX-V: ANEDiscussion Board
Altan Rio Minerals LimitedTSX-V: AMODiscussion Board
Altima Resources LtdTSX-V: ARHDiscussion Board
Altiplano Minerals LtdTSX-V: APNDiscussion Board
Altitude Resources IncTSX-V: ALIDiscussion Board
Alto Ventures LtdTSX-V: ATVDiscussion Board
Altura Energy Inc.TSX-V: ATUDiscussion Board
Alturas Minerals CorpTSX-V:ALTDiscussion Board
Alvopetro Energy Ltd.TSX-V: ALVDiscussion Board
ALX Uranium Corp.TSX-V: ALDiscussion Board
Amarc Resources Ltd.TSX-V: AHRDiscussion Board
Amarillo Gold CorporationTSX-V: AGCDiscussion Board
American Creek Resources LtdTSX-V: AMKDiscussion Board
American Cumo Mining CorporationTSX-V: MLYDiscussion Board
American Lithium CorpTSX-V: LIDiscussion Board
American Manganese IncTSX-V: AMYDiscussion Board
Amex Exploration Inc.TSX-V: AMXDiscussion Board
Anconia Resources Corp.TSX-V: ARADiscussion Board
Anfield Energy IncTSX-V: AECDiscussion Board
Angel Gold CorpTSX-V: ANGDiscussion Board
Angkor Gold Corp.TSX-V: ANKDiscussion Board
Anglo-Bomarc Mines Ltd.TSX-V: ANBDiscussion Board
Antioquia Gold Inc
TSX-V: AGDDiscussion Board
Antler Gold IncTSX-V: ANTLDiscussion Board
Apex Resources IncTSX-V: APXDiscussion Board
Apogee Opportunities Inc.TSX-V: APEDiscussion Board
Abacus Mining & Exploration CorporationTSX-V: AMEDiscussion Board
Arcpacific Resources Corp.TSX-V: ACPDiscussion Board
Arctic Hunter Energy IncTSX-V: AHUDiscussion Board
Arctic Star Exploration CorpTSX-V: ADDDiscussion Board
Arena Minerals IncTSX-V: ANDiscussion Board
Argentina Lithium and Energy Corp
TSX-V: LITDiscussion Board
Argentum Silver CorpTSX-V: ASLDiscussion Board
Arianne Phosphate IncTSX-V: DANDiscussion Board
Arizona Silver Exploration Inc.TSX-V: AZSDiscussion Board
Armor Minerals Inc.TSX-V: ADiscussion Board
Arrowstar Resources LtdTSX-V: AWSDiscussion Board
Ascot Resources LtdTSX-V: AOTDiscussion Board
Ashanti Gold CorpTSX-V: AGZDiscussion Board
AsiaBaseMetals IncTSX-V: ABZDiscussion Board
Asian Mineral Resources LimitedTSX-V: ASN
Discussion Board
Aston Bay Holdings LtdTSX-V: BAYDiscussion Board
Astorius Resources LtdTSX-V: ASQDiscussion Board
ATAC Resources LtdTSX-V: ATCDiscussion Board
Atacama Pacific Gold CorporationTSX-V: ATMDiscussion Board
Athabasca Minerals IncTSX-V: ABMDiscussion Board
Atico Mining CorporationTSX-V: ATYDiscussion Board
Atlanta Gold IncTSX-V: ATGDiscussion Board
Atlantic Gold CorporationTSX-V: AGBDiscussion Board
Aton Resources IncTSX-V: AANDiscussion Board
Aura Silver Resources IncTSX-V: AUUDiscussion Board
Auramex Resource CorpTSX-V: AUXDiscussion Board
Aurania Resources LtdTSX-V: ARUDiscussion Board
Aurcana CorporationTSX-V: AUNDiscussion Board
AurCrest Gold IncTSX-V: AGODiscussion Board
Aurelius Minerals IncTSX-V: AULDiscussion Board
Aurion Resources LtdTSX-V: AUDiscussion Board
Austin Resources LtdTSX-V: AUTDiscussion Board
Austral Gold LimitedTSX-V: AGLDDiscussion Board
Avanti Energy IncTSX-V: AVNDiscussion Board
Avidian Gold CorpTSX-V: AVGDiscussion Board
Avrupa Minerals LtdTSX-V: AVUDiscussion Board
Awale Resources LimitedTSX-V: ARICDiscussion Board
AXE Exploration IncTSX-V: AXQDiscussion Board
AXMIN IncTSX-V: AXMDiscussion Board
Azarga Metals CorpTSX-V: AZRDiscussion Board
Azimut Exploration IncTSX-V: AZMDiscussion Board
Azincourt Energy CorpTSX-V: AAZDiscussion Board
Aztec Minerals CorpTSX-V: AZTDiscussion Board
Thunderstruck Resources Ltd.TSX-V: AWEDiscussion Board
Dajin Resources Corp.TSX-V: DJIDiscussion Board
Bacanora Minerals LtdTSX-V: BCNDiscussion Board
Bandera Gold LtdTSX-V: BGLDiscussion Board
Bankers Cobalt CorpTSX-V: BANCDiscussion Board
Banyan Gold CorpTSX-V: BYNDiscussion Board
Bard Ventures LtdTSX-V: CBSDiscussion Board
Barker Minerals LtdTSX-V: BMLDiscussion Board
Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd..TSX-V: BGMDiscussion Board
Baroyeca Gold & Silver IncTSX-V: BGSDiscussion Board
Barsele Minerals Corp.TSX-V: BMEDiscussion Board
Batero Gold CorpTSX-V: BATDiscussion Board
Bayhorse Silver IncTSX-V: BHSDiscussion Board
Bayshore Petroleum CorpTSX-V: BSHDiscussion Board
BCM Resources CorporationTSX-V: BDiscussion Board
Be Resources Inc
TSX-V: BERDiscussion Board
Bear Creek Mining CorporationTSX-V: BCMDiscussion Board
Bearclaw Capital Corp.TSX-V: BRLDiscussion Board
Bearing Lithium CorpTSX-V: BRZDiscussion Board
Beaufield Resources IncTSX-V: BFDDiscussion Board
Bell Copper CorporationTSX-V: BCUDiscussion Board
Belmont Resources IncTSX-V: BEADiscussion Board
Belvedere Resources LtdTSX-V: BELDiscussion Board
Benton Resources IncTSX-V: BEXDiscussion Board
Benz Mining CorpTSX-V: BZDiscussion Board
Berkwood Resources LtdTSX-V: BKRDiscussion Board
BHK Mining CorpTSX-V: BHKDiscussion Board
Bitterroot Resources LtdTSX-V: BTTDiscussion Board
Black Dragon Gold CorpTSX-V: BDGDiscussion Board
Black Isle Resources CorporationTSX-V: BITDiscussion Board
Black Mammoth Metals CorporationTSX-V: BMMDiscussion Board
Black Sea Copper & Gold CorpTSX-V: BLSDiscussion Board
Blackheath Resources IncTSX-V: BHRDiscussion Board
Blackrock Gold CorpTSX-V: BRCDiscussion Board
Blind Creek Resources LtdTSX-V: BCKDiscussion Board
Blue Moon Zinc CorpTSX-V: MOONDiscussion Board
Blue River Resources Ltd.TSX-V: BXRDiscussion Board
Blue Sky Uranium CorpTSX-V: BSKDiscussion Board
Bluestone Resources IncTSX-V: BSRDiscussion Board
Bold Ventures IncTSX-V: BOLDiscussion Board
Bonterra Resources IncTSX-V: BTRDiscussion Board
Boreal Metals CorpTSX-V: BMXDiscussion Board
Bravada Gold CorporationTSX-V: BVADiscussion Board
Braveheart Resources IncTSX-V: BHTDiscussion Board
Brixton Metals CorporationTSX-V: BBBDiscussion Board
Broadway Gold Mining LtdTSX-V: BRDDiscussion Board
Broome Capital IncTSX-V: BCPDiscussion Board
Brunswick Resources IncTSX-V: BRUDiscussion Board
BTU Metals CorpTSX-V: BTUDiscussion Board
Buccaneer Gold Corp TSX-V: BGGDiscussion Board
Buffalo Coal Corp
TSX-V: BUFDiscussion Board
Bullion Gold Resources CorpTSX-V: BGDDiscussion Board
Bullman Minerals IncTSX-V: BULDiscussion Board
BWR Exploration IncTSX-V: BWRDiscussion Board
Cabral Gold Inc
TSX-V: CBRDiscussion Board
Cache Exploration Inc
TSX-V: CAYDiscussion Board
Cadillac Ventures IncTSX-V: CDCDiscussion Board
Calibre Mining CorpTSX-V: CXBDiscussion Board
California Gold Mining IncTSX-V: CGMDiscussion Board
Callinex Mines IncTSX-V: CNXDiscussion Board
Cameo Resources CorpTSX-V: CRUDiscussion Board
Camino Minerals CorporationTSX-V: CORDiscussion Board
Camrova Resources IncTSX-V: CAVDiscussion Board
Canada Carbon Inc
TSX-V: CCBDiscussion Board
Canada Coal Inc
TSX-V: CCKDiscussion Board
Canada One Mining CorpTSX-V: CONEDiscussion Board
Canada Rare Earth CorpTSX-V: LLDiscussion Board
Canada Strategic Metals IncTSX-V: CJCDiscussion Board
Canada Zinc Metals CorpTSX-V: CZXDiscussion Board
Fremont Gold Ltd.
TSX-V: FREDiscussion Board
Canadian International Minerals Inc.TSX-V: CINDiscussion Board
Canadian Mining Corp.TSX-V: CNGDiscussion Board
Canadian Orebodies Inc.TSX-V: COREDiscussion Board
Canadian Platinum Corp.TSX-V: CPCDiscussion Board
Canadian Zeolite Corp.TSX-V: CNZDiscussion Board
Canaf Group Inc.
TSX-V: CAFDiscussion Board
Canalaska Uranium Ltd.TSX-V: CVVDiscussion Board
Canamex Gold Corp.TSX-V: CSQDiscussion Board
Canasil Resources Inc.TSX-V: CLZDiscussion Board
Candelaria Mining Corp.TSX-V: CANDDiscussion Board
Candente Gold Corp.TSX-V: CDGDiscussion Board
Canex Energy Corp.TSX-V: CSCDiscussion Board
Canex Metals Inc.
TSX-V: CANXDiscussion Board
CaNickel Mining LimitedTSX-V: CMLDiscussion Board
Canoe Mining Ventures CorpTSX-V: CLVDiscussion Board
Canstar Resources Inc.TSX-V: ROXDiscussion Board
Canterra Minerals CorporationTSX-V: CTMDiscussion Board
Cantex Mine Development Corp.TSX-V: CDDiscussion Board
Canuc Resources CorporationTSX-V: CDADiscussion Board
Canyon Copper Corp.TSX-V: CNCDiscussion Board
Cardero Resource Corp.TSX-V: CDUDiscussion Board
Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd.TSX-V: CRBDiscussion Board
Carlin Gold Corporation TSX-V: CGDDiscussion Board
Carmax Mining Corp.TSX-V: CUXComing Soon
Cartier Resources Inc.TSX-V: ECRComing Soon
Carube Copper Corp.TSX-V: CUCComing Soon
Frontier Lithium Inc.TSX-V: FLComing Soon
Cascadero Copper CorporationTSX-V: CCDComing Soon
Castle Peak Mining Ltd.TSX-V: CAPComing Soon
Castle Silver Resources Inc.TSX-V: CSRComing Soon
Cava Resources Inc.TSX-V: CVAComing Soon
CBLT Inc.TSX-V: CBLTComing Soon
Centenera Mining CorporationTSX-V:CTComing Soon
Central Iron Ore LimitedTSX-V: CIOComing Soon
Centurion Minerals Ltd.TSX-V: CTNComing Soon
Ceylon Graphite Corp.TSX-V: CYLComing Soon
Champion Bear Resources Ltd.TSX-V: CBAComing Soon
Chatham Rock Phosphate LimitedTSX-V: NZPComing Soon
Cheetah Canyon Resources CorpTSX-V: CHTAComing Soon
Chesapeake Gold CorpTSX-V: CKGComing Soon
Chibougamau Independent Mines IncTSX-V: CBGComing Soon
Chilean Metals IncTSX-V: CMXComing Soon
Chimata Gold Corp.TSX-V: CATComing Soon
China Minerals Mining CorporationTSX-V: CMVComing Soon
Cicada Ventures Ltd.TSX-V: CIDComing Soon
Cipher Resources Inc.TSX-V: CIFRComing Soon
Claim Post Resources Inc.TSX-V: CPSComing Soon
Clean Commodities Corp.TSX-V: CLEComing Soon
Cleghorn Minerals Ltd.TSX-V: CZZComing Soon
CMC Metals Ltd.TSX-V: CMBComing Soon
Cobalt 27 Capital Corp.TSX-V: KBLTComing Soon
Cobalt Power Group Inc.TSX-V: CPOComing Soon
Colibri Resource CorporationTSX-V: CBIComing Soon
Colombia Crest Gold Corp.TSX-V: CLBComing Soon
Colonial Coal International Corp.TSX-V: CADComing Soon
Colorado Resources Ltd.TSX-V: CXOComing Soon
Colt Resources Inc.TSX-V: GTPComing Soon
Comet Industries Ltd.TSX-V: CMUComing Soon
Commander Resources Ltd.TSX-V: CMDComing Soon
Commerce Resources Corp.TSX-V: CCEComing Soon
Compass Gold CorporationTSX-V: CVBComing Soon
Comstock Metals Ltd.TSX-V: CSLComing Soon
Condor Resources Inc.TSX-V: CNComing Soon
Confederation Minerals Ltd.TSX-V: CFMComing Soon
Conquest Resources LimitedTSX-V: CQRComing Soon
Consolidated Woodjam Copper Corp.TSX-V: WCCComing Soon
Constantine Metal Resources Ltd.TSX-V: CEMComing Soon
Contact Gold Corp.TSX-V: CComing Soon
Copper Creek Gold Corp.TSX-V: CPVComing Soon
Copper Fox Metals Inc.TSX-V: CUUComing Soon
Copper Lake Resources Ltd.TSX-V: CPLComing Soon
Copper North Mining Corp.TSX-V: COLComing Soon
Copper One Inc.TSX-V: CUOComing Soon
Coral Gold Resources Ltd.TSX-V: CLHComing Soon
Cordoba Minerals Corp.TSX-V: CDBComing Soon
Core Gold Inc.TSX-V: CGLDComing Soon
Corex Gold CorporationTSX-V: CGEComing Soon
Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc.TSX-V: CGPComing Soon
Cornerstone Metals Inc.TSX-V: CCCComing Soon
Coronet Metals Inc.TSX-V: CRFComing Soon
Corsa Coal Corp.TSX-V: CSOComing Soon
Cresval Capital Corp.TSX-V: CRVComing Soon
Critical Elements CorporationTSX-V: CREComing Soon
Crown Mining Corp.TSX-V: CWMComing Soon
Cruz Cobalt Corp.TSX-V: CUZComing Soon
Crystal Exploration Inc.TSX-V: CEIComing Soon
Crystal Lake Mining Corp.TSX-V: CLMComing Soon
Crystal Peak Minerals Inc.TSX-V: CPMComing Soon
Currie Rose Resources Inc.TSX-V: CUIComing Soon
Frontline Gold CorporationTSX-V: FGCComing Soon
Cypress Development Corp.TSX-V: CYPComing Soon
FTI Foodtech International IncTSX-V: FTIDiscussion Board
Damara Gold Corp.TSX-V: DMRComing Soon
Decade Resources Ltd.TSX-V: DECComing Soon
Deep-South Resources Inc.TSX-V: DSMComing Soon
Defiance Silver Corp.TSX-V: DEFComing Soon
Desert Gold Ventures Inc.TSX-V: DAUComing Soon
Diamcor Mining Inc.TSX-V: DMIComing Soon
Diamond Fields Resources Inc.TSX-V: DFRComing Soon
Dios Exploration Inc.TSX-V: DOSComing Soon
Discovery Harbour Resources Corp.TSX-V: DHRComing Soon
Discovery Metals Corp.TSX-V: DSVComing Soon
Discovery-Corp Enterprises Inc.TSX-V: DCYComing Soon
Dolly Varden Silver CorporationTSX-V: DVComing Soon
Doubleview Capital Corp.TSX-V: DBVComing Soon
Duncan Park Holdings CorporationTSX-V: DPHComing Soon
Dunnedin Ventures Inc.TSX-V: DVIComing Soon
Duran Ventures Inc.TSX-V: DRVComing Soon
Durango Resources Inc.TSX-V: DGOComing Soon
Dynasty Gold Corp.TSX-V: DYGComing Soon
E3 Metals Corp.TSX-V: ETMCComing Soon
Eagle Graphite IncorporatedTSX-V: EGAComing Soon
Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.TSX-V: EPLComing Soon
East Africa Metals Inc.TSX-V: EAMComing Soon
East Asia Minerals CorporationTSX-V: EASComing Soon
Eastfield Resources Ltd.TSX-V: ETFComing Soon
El Nino Ventures Inc.TSX-V: ELNComing Soon
Elcora Advanced Materials Corp.TSX-V: ERAComing Soon
Electra Stone Ltd.TSX-V: ELTComing Soon
Eloro Resources Ltd.TSX-V: ELOComing Soon
Ely Gold Royalties Inc.TSX-V: ELYComing Soon
Freeport Resources Inc.TSX-V: FRIComing Soon
Emerita Resources Corp.TSX-V: EMOComing Soon
Emgold Mining CorporationTSX-V: EMRComing Soon
Empire Metals Corp.TSX-V: EPComing Soon
EMX Royalty CorporationTSX-V: EMXComing Soon
Encanto Potash Corp.TSX-V: EPOComing Soon
enCore Energy Corp.TSX-V: EUComing Soon
Endurance Gold CorporationTSX-V: EDGComing Soon
Enerspar Corp.TSX-V: ENERComing Soon
Enforcer Gold Corp.TSX-V: VEINComing Soon
Engold Mines Ltd.TSX-V: EGMComing Soon
ePower Metals Inc.TSX-V: EPWRComing Soon
Equinox Gold Corp.TSX-V: EQXComing Soon
Equitorial Exploration Corp.TSX-V: EXXComing Soon
Erin Ventures Inc.TSX-V: EVComing Soon
Eros Resources Corp.TSX-V: ERCComing Soon
Eskay Mining Corp.TSX-V: ESKComing Soon
Essex Minerals Inc.TSX-V: ESXComing Soon
Ethos Gold Corp.TSX-V: ECCComing Soon
Eureka Resources, Inc.TSX-V: EUKComing Soon
Eurotin Inc.TSX-V: TINComing Soon
Everton Resources Inc.TSX-V: EVRComing Soon
Evrim Resources Corp.TSX-V: EVMComing Soon
ExGen Resources Inc.TSX-V: EXGComing Soon
Explor Resources Inc.TSX-V: EXSComing Soon
Fairmont Resources Inc.TSX-V: FMRComing Soon
Falco Resources Ltd.TSX-V: FPCComing Soon
Falcon Gold Corp.TSX-V: FGComing Soon
Fancamp Exploration Ltd.TSX-V: FNCComing Soon
Fengro Industries Corp.TSX-V: FGRComing Soon
Fieldex Exploration Inc.TSX-V: FLXComing Soon
Filo Mining Corp.TSX-V: FILComing Soon
Finlay Minerals Ltd.TSX-V: FYLComing Soon
Fiore Gold Inc.TSX-V: FComing Soon
Firebird Resources Inc.TSX-V: FIXComing Soon
Firesteel Resources Inc.TSX-V: FTRComing Soon
Firestone Ventures Inc.TSX-V: FVComing Soon
Fireweed Zinc Ltd.TSX-V: FWZComing Soon
First Bauxite CorporationTSX-V: FBXComing Soon
First Cobalt Corp.TSX-V: FCCComing Soon
First Energy Metals LimitedTSX-V: FEComing Soon
First Mexican Gold Corp.TSX-V: FMGComing Soon
Fission 3.0 Corp.TSX-V: FUUComing Soon
Five Star Diamonds LimitedTSX-V: STARComing Soon
Fjordland Exploration Inc.TSX-V: FEXComing Soon
Focus Graphite Inc.TSX-V: FMSComing Soon
Focus Ventures Ltd.TSX-V: FCVComing Soon
Foran Mining CorporationTSX-V: FOMComing Soon
Fortune Bay Corp.TSX-V: FORComing Soon
Forum Uranium Corp.TSX-V: FDCComing Soon
FPX Nickel Corp.TSX-V: FPXComing Soon
Freedom Energy Inc.TSX-V: FREEComing Soon
Novo Resources CorpTSX-V: NVODiscussion Board
Jaxon Mining IncTSX-V: JAXDiscussion Board
ML Gold CorpTSX-V: MLGDiscussion Board
IDM Mining LtdTSX-V: IDMDiscussion Board
Full Metal Minerals LtdTSX-V: FMMComing Soon
Fura Gems IncTSX-V: FURAComing Soon
Gainey Capital CorpTSX-V: GNCComing Soon
Sunvest Minerals Corp.TSX-V: SSSDiscussion Board
Adira Energy Ltd.TSX-V: ADLDiscussion Board
Nulegacy Gold CorporationTSX-V: NUGDiscussion Board
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