Bitcoin Adoption is Real: Real Estate, Sports Cars and Lawyers

Yesterday, we posted a tweet that showcased the Globe and Mail advertising in the heart of Toronto, Canada displaying the universal traits of the encrypted digital currency.

In a world where populism is on the rise and more people starting to question governments, decentralization is sparking the curiosity of the mainstream. Not only that, but cryptocurrencies also allow consumers to circumvent the middleman in transactions such as banks, payment processors or credit card networks who have charged immense fees in the past.

Let’s dive in, and take a look at some of the most interesting purchases with Bitcoin:

1) New York Condo Purchased with Bitcoin For First Time

For the first time in New York, real estate is being sold for Bitcoin. The New York Post reported that real estate developer Ben Shaoul has a contract in place to sell two upper side apartments. The condos are listed for $875,000 and $1.48mm, respectfully.

The real estate developer was quoted saying:

We’re at a huge turning point for real estate to take advantage of the new technology out there for our customers, and I’m excited to be at the forefront. Real estate professionals should be open to the freedoms allotted with cryptocurrency and the platforms available that handle these transactions safely and securely.


2) Tesla Model S & Porsche Purchase

A man in Florida in December 2013, used Bitcoin to purchase a Tesla model S. He ended up parting with $103,000 (91 Bitcoins at the time). This high-end automotive purchase with bitcoin is not the only story, as business insider points out, a Porsche was sold for 300 bitcoins in 2013!

3) Paying lawyer fees with Bitcoin

Last year, a participant on Reddit posted a photo which acknowledged the payment of bitcoin to his a law office.



Individuals and businesses continuously transition to Bitcoin as a medium of exchange as the digital currency allows for more seamless transactions versus the traditional payment processors on top of the empowering traits of decentralized technology.