Now entering his fifth decade in the financial world, Chris Temple has distinguished himself as an “outlier” of sorts.

And that has served his audiences well over the years, as his largely self-taught understanding of the intricacies of the modern monetary system and its various moving parts have enabled him to be a leader among his peers!

He distinguishes the knowledge he provides from the oceans of mere information (and a lot of DISINFORMATION) that people typically have to wade through. Armed with that knowledge, he has—going all the way back to the great stock market crash of 1987—saved his audience and subscribers from EVERY SINGLE MAJOR MARKET DECLINE over that time. And as Chris explains in his signature essay entitled Understanding the Game, when you truly DO understand what makes the markets and financial system “tick,” such a thing really is not that difficult!

Additionally he has used his trademark simple, step-by-step conveying of knowledge to introduce his Members at The National Investor — to many exciting opportunities in emerging growth companies over the years. He has been recognized widely as possessing this added market talent as well: finding undervalued companies in many different industries, and often recommending them before anyone else (as is the case currently with what Chris insists is his BEST current gold play, bar none!)

These days Chris is also guiding his audiences to the task of Building an Economic Lifeboat. With what he has termed “The Strange Depression” now unfolding, it is more important than EVER in any of our lifetimes to start to insulate ourselves from the crumbling “top-down” system: not just where the markets are concerned, but where every aspect of our life is!

In what is an UPBEAT approach (as opposed to the “sky is falling” and hunker-down one) Chris is sharing his ideas, strategies and resources to help YOU take back one piece of your life and destiny at a time from “the system.”  His ongoing dispensing of knowledge here, too (in part via his NEWEST web site at is every bit as much a CAUSE and labor of love for his fellow man.

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