Airplane Accidentally Spills $378 Million Worth of Gold all Over The Runway

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, something bizarre seems to always come up.  This could be one of the most expensive spills recorded in the past decade.  A plane in Russia carrying $370 million worth of gold bullion, platinum, and diamond ’s upon takeoff accidentally spilled a wide range of precious metals all over the runway.

The plane under Nimbus Airlines was carrying 9.3 tons of gold and other precious metals, according to CNBC  had the spill early yesterday morning.  The pilots of the airplane quickly made an emergency landing in a village very close to Yakutsk,  reported the Moscow Times.

If there were any citizens in the area,  they were in for a surprise as some gold fell out as far as 26 km away from the airport.

So far,  172 bars of gold had been retrieved and recovered.  The expensive luggage was reportedly owned by Chukota Mining which is 75% owned by Kinross Gold.


Safe to say it was quite an expensive error.