Multi-Project Growth Potential: Metanor Resources

Metanor Resources (TSX-V: MTO) is a Canadian gold exploration and production company operating in Northern Quebec. The company has multi-project growth potential with its Bachelor, Barry, and Moroy projects. 

We recently caught up with Metanor’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Pascal Hamelin and asked a few questions: 

What is Metanor focused on this summer?  

Develop Barry and Moroy to proceed with bulk sample on both sites.


How are things progressing at the Barry Project?  

Close to 100m of decline already developed.  The camp construction is completed.  The people are hired, and working on site.  The majority of the mobile equipment are on site, and operating.  We plan to reach the ore zones in the Fall 2018 to execute a 50,000 tonnes bulk sample program.  Barry is all permitted to extract 1,2 millions of ore.

Can you provide some detail for our readers of how the bachelor mine is doing? 

Bachelor continues to explore at depth in the Main veins which generated 330,000 ounces of gold in the last 35 years with a pause of 22 years between 1990 and 2012.  The present focus is to continue to develop at depth while developing the accesses to Moroy from the underground infrastructures of Bachelor mine.  The Moroy veins system are less than a 1 km from the Bachelor shaft.  The Moroy sector is already reached on level 11 (520 metres berlow surface). In the coming months, more accesses will be developed toward the Moroy zones on level 6, and level 14.

Who are some of MTO most notable shareholders?

More Interviews to follow… 

More information can be found, here. 


Full Disclosure: Metanor Resources Inc. is a paid client of the Gold Telegraph.


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