Gold Telegraph Conversation Series: Max Keiser

This week I was able to catch up with Max Keiser, who has been an incredible advocate and thought leader in the bitcoin, gold, and silver space for many years. Max is the host of the Keiser Report, where he provides insights into the subjects of macroeconomics, gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies. 

Many of the topics and predictions discussed on the show over the years have come to fruition.

It was a privilege to talk to Max, and hopefully, we can catch up with him again in a few months as things continue to evolve at an ever-changing rate.

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Alex Deluce: Firstly, Max, thank you for giving the Gold Telegraph readers a glimpse into your thinking during these extraordinary times. I have been a fan of the Keiser show for many years. Many of your predictions over the years have come to fruition including the adoptance and recognition of bitcoin. What do foresee in the coming years in the bitcoin space alongside the health of the financial system as a whole?

Max Keiser: It’s true, we were correct recommending Gold at $400, Silver at $7 and Bitcoin at $1. Our thesis has been that central banks all over the world, since Greenspan – have gone rogue – and that the fiat money experiment that started in 1971 – when the US defaulted on its obligations to Great Britain and Nixon closed the Gold window – would explode in failed paper currencies and tears.

Our first documentary for Al Jazeera English in 2003 was originally called “Death of the Dollar”. They changed the title to “As Good As Gold” to be less controversial.

When looking ahead, I see more of the same. Dollar weakness and a flight to safety into Gold, Silver and Bitcoin as the money printers have now all officially gone berserk around the world. The economist just ran a cover story, “Free Money.”

Bitcoin, as Paul Tudor Jones has said, will be the fastest horse in the race as it catches up to Gold in market capitalization. This means that for every $1 rise in Gold we’ll see $25-30-dollar appreciation in Bitcoin

Alex Deluce: One of the beautiful things with bitcoin, in my opinion, is its ability to preserve and protect an individual’s privacy in a world where things are heavily centralized on all levels. To me, this is what liberty is all about.  As we continue down the road of monetary chaos and more people begin to lose trust in fiat currencies, do you think Bitcoin will be viewed as the king amongst cryptocurrencies?

Max Keiser: Bitcoin has been and will always be King. It’s got over 85% of total hash power in the crypto universe and this number is going to 99%.

Other coins will come and go but none will challenge Bitcoin since it’s now an entrenched protocol like TCP/IP (that runs the Internet) and the fundamental strengths of Bitcoin, primarily the security of the network, grows exponentially.

It’s worth noting that all alt-coins, including the hard forks BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) and BCH (Bitcoin Cash) suffer major security issues that only get worse in the face of Bitcoin’s invincibility.

Alex Deluce: What are your thoughts on gold and silver, Max? Would you agree that as time moves on and we see major financial repression to pay off all this debt, gold and silver will move a lot higher from here?

Max Keiser: Of course, we’ve been pounding the table on Gold and Silver since 2003.


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