FTI Foodtech Continues its path to Barter Disruption With The Blockchain

FTI Foodtech International Inc connects conventional industry practices with new technology applications. Over the course of 12 months, there have been many exciting developments within the company as it continues to advance to disrupt the barter industry using blockchain.

FTI is spreading up watching technology to the partner industry with Safe Cash which will help ensure that funds are available, allow for quicker transactions, allow for a permanent record for the month and year-end tax recording and allows members securely conduct transactions using blockchain technology. 

“Members within the flashcoin community are opening accounts with barter exchanges to convert their flashcoins into barter dollars which then allows them to purchase goods and services that are available on the barter exchanges. This gives the flash coin real purchasing value and increases the interest from others to become flash coin holders. It is anticipated that the increase in functional use of the flash coin will cause an increase in the value of each coin. FTI receives a portion of the commission on each of these barter transactions. As the number of Flash coin  members open barter account and commence trading the amount of the commissions generated will also increase.  FTI holds approximately 2 million Flash coins and anticipates a proportionate increase in the value of the holding as flash coin increases in price. The company has plans for expansion both in the number of barter exchanges that will accept the flash coin and in the value of the flash coin over the period of time that flash coin members increase their trading in the barter world. Consequently FTI will be trying to raise additional funds via private placements over the next few moths. Use of funds will be to purchase more Flash coins and to support growing corporation endeavours. Management would like to see a number of barter exchanges available for the flash coin members over the next 12 months.”

For more information, you can visit the company’s website: here

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