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    I would presume they are, a bit of lackluster news flow however they do have a solid model of minimal dilution and active exploration... hopefully they make some strides this summer.

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    re the observer,

    geology on MTO large land holdings are different than Osisko...at lynx for example. (did you see the results from lynx over 90g/t over 3 m?)...for your due diligence check the extensive  btr discussion board  (last 2 months) which crosses over with MTO etc, before this mto discussion had started here...

    MTO is taking a more prudent approach in identifying areas to drill and timing of each.  They are continuing drilling both above and below ground.  Underground drilling has inherent advantages, both cost saving and identifying hg seams...

    Are you alluding to MTO around Moss? (near OSK).   If so, could  be something looked at with a different view at another point in time.  The previous limited attempt to follow up on the hg intersection, did not hit exactly what they were looking for.  The hg intersection may correlate  with the structure that follows onto OSK property, lining up nicely.

    MTO is meticulously exploring underground where the down plunge at bachelor is very close to Moroy, and the 2 structures meet at depth.  Higher grade ore will be reached as Moroy is accessed underground.  This enhanced feed will augment the current 550tpd average.  MTO intends in the short term to up this to closer to 800tpd...a significant increase in production will be yielded, as a result.

    In the fall, MTO will carry out the 50000 underground bulk sample at Barry, which will illustrate grade which is obviously much higher than its open pit areas.

    By the end of the year, MTO will also provide an updated resource estimate.

    MTO is a golden  opportunity, which should not be missed...



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