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My biggest concern is continuity, I understand BTR is providing a resource estimate later this year, just concerned that these guys could get taken out by OSK. In 4 months, are we going to see a blowout from all that upcoming wall of loose paper?

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    I have NO idea why people are so upset about the financing?


    You need money to actually complete a program... duh.

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    Hi aumonster, what did you hear at the MTO booth?  or BTR booth?

    interesting the goldtelegraph booth was there...should expand quickly, especially when the bulletin boards to more companies are linked up...

    sometimes difficult to ask questions with many other investors there,  or just crowded...but still interesting to hear what questions are coming to management, and how they respond.

    Appreciate anything you can remember...or your sentiments..


    and yes, I agree on the pp's...financing is part of it,  even though many investors feel we are taking the brunt of it all...especially when gold price is under pressure.

    and that is only a fraction of the pressure of pp's...wait until the junior is lucky enough to contemplate a mine...then crazy costs come into play...that is why nice for a larger company to take over at that point, or in MTO's case they already have an expandable mill..

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    another hint about pp's....when larger institution or larger producers invest in junior explorers, they of course, look to the future.  With that, they look for a huge increase on their investment.  If you, as an individual investor, get in at a lower  share price either by being in early, or  the market taking a temporary turn for the worse, than feel lucky.

    In MTO case for example some of the pp's were at a much higher share price....this usually gives credence to the project...and when the major has not sold, then when the market turns back up, so do your returns on your investment.

    BTR has really come so far in developing the size of  gold only a couple of years...pretty impressive actually.  Then to have a major come in with financing adds credibility.

    OSK is further along in that it has done an incredible amount of drilling.  What lies ahead for them is crucial because they need to demonstrate not only their huge increase of updated resource in May, but their PEA in June...this will lay out the inherent costs in developing a mine...and with that will have to articulate the mill proposal previously mentioned to build on its property over 100 km away, or come up with another option....


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    Previous cycles show us the quickness of gold surging upward...take a look at the end of 2015 into January 2016...even producers such as YRI, Kinross Gold, Iamgold all ridiculously low...$1.80/share...and even giants in the basic minerals of zinc and copper like Teck was below $6...look how quickly the share prices jumped as the value of the commodity rose...

    This and next year the major gold producers will all benefit from the rise in price of gold...even for the next quarter earnings, you will see an increase in companies making a profit as gold average has been over $1300 for much of that period...$40...$50....$100...more per ounce final profit is a huge deal when the numbers are crunched...

    The leverage lies in the tiny pool of juniors that rise like cream to the top of all those who are vying for a real mine in the end....These few explorers that make it through all the difficult times and manage through all the hurtles of financing, planning, successful exploration and drilling results, have the potential of rising 5 or even 10 fold from its base lowest share price....

    Urban Windfall is a region previously looked at and deemed as uneconomic...yet in the last couple of years the whole area has resurfaced through enormous financing and institutional interest, along with larger company interest.  This has enabled BTR to enlarge its gold structure underground and ready this year to show a huge upgraded resource estimate...the pp's were necessary to enlarge the gladiator deposit.

    And MTO grew up with the addition of experienced management added to the team, and a real plan to grow both the Barry area development underground, and gain access to Moroy underground through the Bachelor side.

    And later this year a 50000 t underground bulk sample at barry will show the grade and more info for future development.  And they have developed plans to increase the mill from 800 tpd to potentially 1200 tpd for under $4 million...incredible, leading to higher production, higher feed grades, more gold, higher price of gold, equals more profit...

    Be wary of bashers on boards who slant on the negative side, looking at the past...there are many now who see the potential and wish to gain the shares as cheap as possible...they are not looking to your future gains...quite the contrary...

    look at the past few years, and see the changes and the real plan moving ahead toward success.  that will help make more educated choices...

    how did you feel with the answers to questions heard at the PDAC?

    was management dodging questions, or did they give logical  answers which make sense on a timeline?

    This whole district will come together this year... There is a commitment to a real plan...

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    Hey Goldspinner,

    Yes went by the MTO & BTR booth. Was very pleased with both. Spent a significant amount of time at both booths as I had a list full of questions which management showcased there competence. I am building my position in BTR and starting to build a position in MTO late last week.

    I stopped by the BFD booth, I found it was a little more confusing in terms of the direction they are heading. I get the feeling they are just going to sit back and let OSK take them out. These next few months are going to be fascinating, will be interesting to see the resource estimate BTR and OSK produce... with MTO another strong contender in the area.

    I never saw the Gold Telegraph booth, wish I did. Love this website, mining needed a constructive hub without any of the blockchain and cannabis noise! BRING ON THE BULL MARKET.


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    Hi aumonster, glad you made it to the PDAC and were able to touch base with management at both btr and mto  booths.  Fantastic that you chose to invest in both of those juniors at these prices.  Great things to come...

    It is nice when they are open to answering your questions to your satisfaction...It works both ways from their viewpoint  as well.  Management is learning from  feedback through investors, and getting a read on how the market is investing at the moment...

    Any new news that btr or mto booths let you know of that they were excited to share?

    I think it is a great opportunity for goldtelegraph to set up a booth as it gives the opportunity for companies to be aware of what they can provide as a new platform for them and potential investors.


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    A few interesting notes on both, MTO actually seemed more aggressive in terms of there exploration gameplane. I talked to one of the geologists and he is extremely optimistic for the coming 4-12 weeks. Will be interesting to watch for the upcoming NRs.


    Sounds like BTR has 30,000 metre planned for drilling by the end of the second quarter... I do like the float with MTO tho, and seems to be in the trend ;) 

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    As far as I know it's a great jurisdiction... just look at all the companies drilling there and all the companies backing them...


    lots of smart money flowing into Windfall.


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