urban barry camp gold camp… heating up



With the BTR and MTO transaction now closed, where do you guys think BTR goes? I wonder how long it will be before ore is processed a cash flow is generated?


I also noticed OSK is beginning to head higher….



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    Goldbugger, do not get sidetracked with points, look at the big picture.

    did you watch the latest BTR, KL, OSK video's?

    see where everything is heading?

    BTR/MTO merger have already made an important entity combining forces, gold resources and mill.

    follow the money trail.

    why thinking of cash flow this moment.

    plan is in place to upgrade mill.

    what did you think of Greg Gibson's BTR presentation in Denver?

    what do you think he is saying?

    Osisko, yes going up, did you see the drill intersections  today?

    what do you think of the last two BTR drilling NR's.

    one was 7 m width.


    BTR only has 2 basic paths, pretty simple to see.

    continue in its path with continued drilling and exploration.

    follow the timing of mill expansion.

    great production beginning as indicated 3rd quarter next year.


    become part of the larger pizza.

    which do you prefer.

    either way,

    win win.


    don't let thinking waiver.

    ask yourself

    does OSK with the $400 million capex wish to build a mill at Lebel-sur-Quévillon?

    oh wait,  BTR has an expanding mill in the plans...


    ounces + ounces equals a lot of Gold ounces.

    moroy+barry+gladiator = 1 big smile

    read all the credible info you can and you can trace the footprints and see the trail....

    do not get led astray...

    follow the yellow brick road...