Tired, when will this one wake up?



I think this play has become one of my biggest disappointments. This really should be trading at like .50 – 1.00. There producing gold, they have a resource and they acquired a mill & the mill has the capacity of 700 to 750 tonnes a day.

The only thing that has happened here is management paying themselves a ton, and we have SEEN NO results.

The website is unreadable as well.

Is there any other longs here that are fed up?

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    This one is super painful to watch.

    The latest press release would typically send the price way way up.

    Sale for the semester ended December 31, 2017, of 6,509 ounces of gold at an average price of CAN $1,627 (US $1,289) for a total revenu of $10,589,947;
    -A net income for the quarter of $784,748 and for the semester of $510,929;
    -A gross profit for the quarter of $1,023,283 and for the semester of $886,014;
    -A substantial increase in tonnes treated at Sleeping Giant mill, an increase of 42% over the previous quarter;
    -Average production cash costs (1) for the quarter was CAN $1,293 ( US $1,018) per ounce, a decrease of 5% over the same quarter of the previous year which was CAN $1,358 ( US $1,020) per ounce. In 2017, important maintenance costs to the Sleeping Giant mill resulted in an upward impact on the average production cash costs (1) ;
    -All-in sustaining costs (1) of CAN $1,526 ( US $1,202) per ounce, a decrease of 15% over the all-in sustaining costs (1) for the year 2017 which was CAN $1,810 ( US $1,387) per ounce;

    I have been in this for a while, and this has been an absolute nightmare for longs. But if Gold continues to rise, this one should be a hidden gem and run to at least $0.50



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    This one is the most undervalued company on the venture in my opinion... no way this company with the asset they have...

    Does anyone have an explanation for this?

    I am baffled.