This has Turned into an Absolute Disaster



I have been watching this story since that nasty proxy battle from a few years ago when they booted the CEO that brought the company from 0 to over 2 bucks.

Clearly, that was a horrible move of giving him the boot. These idiots are sitting on the largest un-mined molybdenum deposit in the world and they can’t get it above .10 cents? An absolute disgrace imo.

I have a held a position for a long time, but I might have to just dump this dud soon, management has done a horrible job and they owe the Chinese (major shareholder) owes the debenture money.

From the deposit to the low costs of production, this company serves as a reminder to all of us resource investors that bad management will never take any project off the ground.

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    Yes, this one is going nowhere. If anything they will go bankrupt and have a firesale at discount prices...

    It's sad, this company had such a promising story 3-4 years ago and I was an investor. Now, it does nothing but just extract money to pay management.