The Story Has Not Got OUT Yet….



Avidian is probably one of the most intriguing stories on the TSX-V. Compared to it’s peers, this one is exceptionally undervalued.

The intrusion gold system that runs through the golden zone is what excites me the most… the biggest question will be if management has enough capital and focus to put together a solid exploration program.

By first glance, it seems they have a solid management team put together.

Any thoughts?

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    I would agree with your assessment, but don't overlook the Jungo Property. Significant drill intercepts last program... Another major plus is that management owns 30% of ALL outstanding shares.


    Will be interesting to see if a financing is in the pipeline...

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    Blast off baby, in all things considering with the overall market being in the dumpster the past few weeks, this is firing on all  cylinders...

    I do think a financing is in the pipe, but if they can finance this thing at around .50 cents... it's well worth it.

    Go baby Go!