The new BTR (btr/mto) puzzle piece



Neighbour OSK continues successful hg infill drilling on its properties.

Updated resource estimate for OSK in the spring.

The new BTR is accelerating on multiple fronts.

Voting by btr shareholders on larder lake property spinout into SpinCo with $7 million

on sept 18th.

Voting by mto shareholders on LOI with btr

on sept 18th.

closure of the LOI in October.

Updated resource estimate by BTR on gladiator

before or around 2nd week of November.

Will be significant milestone.

MTO will also be coming out with an updated resource estimate.

Barry 50000t underground bulk sample (mto) to be completed before the end of the year.

Consolidation of the urban barry windfall gold district is inevitable.

BTR/MTO LOI merger was another step in that direction.

Maximize your investment in your future wealth now.  Mto has for months, showed little volume in trading.

BTR is your ticket now if not already taken through MTO…

good luck…

enjoy the trip.

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