Pacton heading much higher…



It has been a great 2 months for Pacton… I think it is only a matter of time before we get to the $2.00 level, when you compare Pacton to Novo they should be trading much closer… in terms of valuation.

They have the 3rd largest land holder in the Pibara Gold Rush with some of the same shareholders as Novo such as Sprott. More upside here IMO.


Also, well financed to get drills spinning… will be interesting to see if this is planned.


They made it clear in Presentation that:

  1. Aggressively acquire a comprehensive land package (They have)
  2. Obtain adequate financing (They Have)
  3. Acquire and deploy experienced Palibara explorers.
  4. Aggresively explore (Dilling?)
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    I agree, other then the obscurity revolving around their exploration plan I think this one is a winner.

    This in my opinion, is the hotest place to be in terms of exploration companies. Just look at how much Novo and Pacton trade daily... As a poster on stockhouse has pointed out, lots of shorts will prob get squeezed shortly.

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    Valid points, but as I have pointed out on Novo's board... what is giving these companies these sky high valuations? I understand the significance of having big shareholders on their side and land packages.. but why are they leading the venture everyday in volume?

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    Its there shareholders such as Eric that helps establish integrity, location and going on record to say they are going to aggressively explore...

    They have the treasury to do it, now we have to just wait. Hopefully drilling takes place in the next 3-5 months and this puppy will fly on hype.


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    Shorts on this is crazy... prob one of the most shorted companies on the venture.

    Would cause a mean cover if 1) Sprott announces he picking up more shares 2) they announce a drill program c) they continue to expand land package in the world's best mining region.

    GL to everyone.


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