Osisko MONSTER intersection…



This new triple 8 zone is what we needed!! Super high grade with width.. once we chew this paper here in the low 2s we will be heading back to 5….

Don’t forget, MTO and BTR merger is nothing when it comes to the capital spent and size of camp Osisko has… I feel rejuvenated about OSK and will be adding more tomorrow.



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    Yes i agree. The intersection announced today is a game changer. New high grade zone should provide shareholders comfort on the recently announced weak resource estimate.

    This new zone could be big!


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    OSK had a fantastic hg wide intercept at depth.   And there is absolutely no disputing $$$$$ spent and m drilled in comparison with virthally any junior mining company in Canada this and last year.

    The new BTR with MTO is actually nothing to sneeze at...There has been significant drilling and money spent on those two juniors now LOI this and last year.  As well as a lot of successful drilling.

    It may be worthwhile to look at the bigger picture and not think about each piece.

    Consolidation of the entire urban barry windfall district is on the horizon.  And the new BTR has an expandable Mill.

    There will be significant developments in the region even by Christmas...

    OSK has a very bright future...