Nice New Interview with Midas Letter! $MTO



I thought it was a fantastic interview… covered some great points… You can watch here:


Expecting to do 2,400 tonnes a day after receiving permit…

Does anyone have an estimation of when they permitting could be final?

Also, there are so crazy MTO bashers on stockhouse… I have never seen anything like it!

Be careful who you listen to folks!

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    Investors in MTO will appreciate the fact they are years ahead, and the only one in the neighbourhead with a Mill.  The cost of a new one is staggering and the time for permits, construction etc.

    The continued development and $$$$ invested in the future of MTO is going to come back to us exponentially as shareholders.

    MTO could be bought out before the 2400tpd is implemented...ha ha...

    In the near term the feed from Moroy will supplement the current feed and more ounces will be poured...