Nav vs. Sprott… BTR behind the scenes issues?



Pretty interesting to see how this unfolds or what is revealed here… very surprised that Nav is going after present BTR management…

Hopefully there is no hidden surprises that effects this diminished share price…

Thoughts goldspinner? or anyone?

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    No worries aumonster!  Here is latest response today from Bonterra Resources.

    And in case you did not see Bonterra response on the 10th for all others here it is.  And to sum up.  Ms Ceserone corporate secretary, BTR sees nothing to validate her claim.  As with Nav and Dale.  All others have been paid in full.


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    Before the end of next week (and any time before) we may get the BTR RE that we have greatly anticipated.

    This is a big deal.  Anything over 2 million ounces will be a fantastic beginning for BTR which is on a fast track to production.  Could be between 2.4 million ounces - 3 million ounces in my estimation.

    Those who were not so keen have given under 1 million ounces as the total RE for all 3 properties including inferred ounces.

    The RE will add credibility to the Value of BTR in any acquisition proposal.


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