MTO Mill consolidation of the urban barry windfall district



The acquisition of MTO by BTR is an important step in the consolidation of the emerging gold mining district.

Both sides were primarily touting their own strengths.

Now joining forces, very quickly will demonstrate its potential.

Both in updated resource estimates, and an expanded Mill.

This merger came suddenly, yet those positioned on either side have time to digest what has happened, and what it means as shareholders of either company.

The coming months will be filled with developments and news.

BTR and MTO will be at different share price levels, much higher than their current standing.

BTR shareholders will have the added benefit of the larder lake spinoff.

MTO existing shareholders will have 1.6 BTR shares/1 MTO share upon completion of the LOI…

cut out the hiss and squelch and noise from other angles who have reason to shake the tree and free shares from nervous shareholders.

Stick with the longs, and create your financial future and well being…

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    Goldspinner, I appreciate all input you have provided at drawing my interest to this camp... Where do you think BTR is heading in the next 2-12 months...

    I just hope their resource estimate is amazing so it justifies the takeover and dilution.


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    With an extended time frame of 5 to 6 months....

    Much more favourable drilling results, on both sides of the equation

    50000 t underground bulk sample at barry well underway

    More great drilling results from Moroy/Bachelor at depth

    news on MILL expansion

    HG drilling results from Gladiator

    updated resource estimates from MTO/BTR

    possible completion of LOI

    BTR share price moving past 50 cents and toward 60 cents.

    60 cent BTR equals 96 cent existing MTO shareholders...1.6 BTR shares / 1 MTO share (upon LOI completion>>>less larder lake spinout)

    set up for much higher new BTR share prices with production numbers...

    tender and juicy, ready for a major...

    or keep the meantime...


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    Could the updated resource estimates for BTR/MTO = new BTR be 2 and a half to 3 and a half million ounces Gold (including inferred).

    The drilling on both sides have been planned out and will surprise...

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    The old 273000 ounce estimate from BTR gladiator deposit was from a tiny footprint with little drilling.

    over time, with continued development, more gold will be discovered by the new BTR....

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    Add OSK into the mix with the new BTR...and there are your 7-10 million ounces gold...with more in due course with exploration and further development...

    Majors have been dreaming to get their hands on this kind of resource...high grade,friendly neighbourhood...

    oh I forgot a couple more little explorers in the area...

    That is why the emerging urban barry windfall gold  district is going to be a giant owned by a giant...

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    BTR/MTO has completed by the end of the next 6 months a whole lot of drilling in the last couple of years....Not OSK #'s, but compared to other neighbouring juniors in Canada...a whole lot of drilling...finding a whole lot of Gold ounces..

    50000 t underground bulk sample at Barry will give a lot of important info and yield some nice gold t pour into shiny bars with the Mill....

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    The new BTR can do amazing on its own with the expanded mill.

    Grow nicely into a mid tier producer on the tsx...

    Let OSK drool as the Gold bars are poured.

    Majors can imagine the profits they are missing out on...

    With MTO, and the Mill, we picked the right horse...

    And existing BTR shareholders will do well...

    The new BTR is our future...

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    Will be interesting watch this story evolve. Noticed BTR is really quite weak since the takeover, I have been a shareholder of MTO for 6 months, loved the prospects still not sold on the merger as of yet.

    What do you guys think of the 400mm+ shares outstanding once this thing closes?

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    Although the share price of BTR has not moved upward since the takeowver, I would not be concerned in the least.

    You saw in the case of MTO, how little shares were traded for a month on a daily basis prior to the sudden announcement of the LOI with BTR.

    And a poster on goldtelegraph discussion board before the LOI stated their belief that OSK and BTR were of significance in the district, but not others was their belief.

    At that time, I responded that they may be overlooking something in MTO  with its Mill and the importance of it as well as its property.  And that the others in the area were getting more envious of the Mill by the minute.

    Then suddenly, the LOI was announced, as BTR acquired MTO...

    So, clearly a plan is at work behind the scenes.  Look at which horse you have chosen and what stage of the race we are in.

    If you are an MTO shareholder, theObserver, then congratulations...Stick to your guns if you decide, and play this one to the end.  As a jockey uses his skills to guide his horse, he does not impede in the natural abilities of the steed which supports him and flies in the wind at a full gallop.

    The big investors have already bet on the horse, the new BTR which combines the best attributes of a larger footprint in the emerging gold district and contains the only MILL...Soon to be Expanded...

    Things will work out to your favour.  Big time...

    Enjoy the race...

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    Today Orefinders had a significant NR regarding its larder lake properties and an  agreement.

    BTR Larder Lake spinout Spinco  propertiy lies just beside Orefinders...

    Very interesting...

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    Bashers out like a pack of hyenas trying to separate its prey from its valuable BTR (btr/mto) shares.

    Far cry from the excitement I witnessed in the eyes of the geologists on both sides of the equation.

    Firm resolve in your investment choice(s).

    The updated resource estimates will be the punctuation mark and clear illustration of where things are headed.

    Gold bars are being poured at this moment as these words are typed...

    Only to increase...


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    75000 ounces of gold on the wall, 75000 ounces,

    then will increase over 100000...

    much more than the bashers sharing a bottle of beer in the basement...

    thinking of ways to separate you from your shares...

    golden yellow brick road....

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    yearly gold production setting up next year scares bashers who are desperate to get your shares.

    Bashers are under a time crunch to buy your shares, as the billionaires are not selling....

    notice the low volume traded today, both btr/mto shares.

    bashers have to send the one with the short straw and the least bash postings  to search for empties...

    you will not hear about the gladiator like deposit that BTR  geologists are setting their sites on in exploration for more ounces....

    you don't hear from the bashers about the hundreds of thousands of m drilled (to the end of this year planned drilling) this  and last year between the new BTR (BTR/MTO).

    These carefully planned m drilled will be used in calculating  the updated resource estimates for the new BTR (BTR/MTO)...

    Hold your valuable shares close to your vest....

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    Hopefully we can get an uptick in the share price, surprised to see it trading downwards the past 1-2 weeks since announcement.

    golspinner, I have heard quite a bit of "buzz" about Melkior's airborns and just viewed their presentation... any opinion?

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    Looked at MKR about 2 and a half years ago for the carscallen project  near timmins.

    decided not to jump in at that time.

    The buzz last 3 weeks is over the maseres project in the urban barry windfall district.

    upcoming work there will help determine targets and the validity of the project.
    Maseres Program Initiated
    melkior June 19, 2018 No Comments

    Timmins, Ontario / TheNewswire / June 19, 2018 – Melkior Resources Inc . (“Melkior “) would like inform our shareholders that the summer program at


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    There is gold in them thar hills (underground) the new BTR (BTR/MTO)

    great drilling  results today including wide intercepts

    keep the eyes on the prize....

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    Bonterra Signs Definitive Agreement with Beaufield Resources Inc.

    Bonterra Signs Definitive Agreement with Beaufield Resources Inc.

    Vancouver, BC – July 9, 2018:  Bonterra Resources Inc. (TSX-V: BTR, OTCQX: BONXF, FSE: 9BR1) (the “Company” or “Bonterra”) is pleased to announce that further to its news release of May 23, 2018, it has now completed and entered into an Option Agreement with Beaufield Resources Inc. (TSX-V: BFD) (“Beaufield”), whereby Beaufield has granted the Company an option to acquire a 70% interest (the “Option”) in 81 strategic mineral claims totaling 3,590 hectares, located in the Urban Barry Greenstone belt, Quebec, and known as the Duke property (the “Property”).
    Under the terms of the Option Agreement, Bonterra can earn a 70% interest in the Property by issuing 4,000,000 common shares to Beaufield upon acceptance of the transaction by the TSX Venture Exchange, paying Beaufield a total of $750,000 in equal amounts over a three-year period, and incurring a total of $4,500,000 in exploration expenditures on the Property over three years.
    The Property is an assemblage of contiguous mineral claims located immediately adjacent to the northern boundaries of the Company’s Urban Barry properties containing the Gladiator Deposit and extensions.  This includes a narrow inset of claims that interrupt the western continuity of claims in the Gladiator region known as “The Gap”.  This land package also contains numerous gold showings with expansion potential including Lac Rouleau and Zone 18.  The general geology is considered to be similar to that of the Gladiator area, with numerous occurrences of structurally controlled shear hosted vein mineralization on or near mafic volcanic contacts in proximity to both felsic and mafic intrusive units.
    “We look forward to working with the Beaufield team in fully exploring the Duke lands with greatly enhanced benefits of shared experience and open claim boundaries, as well, the potential Gladiator Deposit extensions can now be efficiently defined and expanded.  Upon completion of the recently announced acquisition of Metanor, Bonterra has not only cemented its hold on a number of developing new deposits in the region, it will also own the only operating and expandable mill in the Urban Barry camp.” commented Nav Dhaliwal, President and CEO of Bonterra.
    Upon completion of the Option, the parties will enter into a joint venture agreement on standard industry terms.
    The transaction is subject to the acceptance of the TSX Venture Exchange, such acceptance to be sought forthwith.

    Bonterra Resources Quick Facts:

    Well financed with approximately $65 million raised in past 14 months.
    Strong Shareholder Base including: Eric Sprott, Van Eck, Kirkland Lake Gold
    Gladiator Gold Deposit:

    Deposit extension and resource expansion underway with 60,000 m completed in 2017 and 70,000 m planned for 2018.
    Advancing to the completion of an updated NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate in the second half of 2018.
    Drilled dimensions of the Gladiator Gold Deposit are currently outlined to a depth of 1,000 m below surface, and a strike length of 1,200 m.
    Gladiator remains open in all directions, where at least six distinct sub-parallel zones or mineralized horizons have been identified.
    Drilling is currently focused on the continued expansion of Gladiator Gold Deposit and exploration targets within the 10,541-hectare Urban-Barry property.

    Larder Lake Gold Property:

    100% controlled 2,221-hectare in the Cadillac-Larder Break camp in Ontario (refer to March 17, 2016 news release highlighting historical gold resource).
    Excellent access to three high grade gold deposits between Kirkland Lake and Virginiatown.

    Dale Ginn, P.Geo. has approved the technical information contained in this release. Mr. Ginn is a Director and Vice President of Exploration of Bonterra and is a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.
    Nav Dhaliwal, President & CEOBonterra Resources Inc.
    For further information on Bonterra, contact Investor RelationsTelephone: 1 844 233 2034Email: [email protected]Website:

    July 09, 2018


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    Getting off topic on this definitive agreement with BFD, for a moment.

    Use the map and click to enlarge.

    Look to the East and locate St. Cyr....

    very interesting target...

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    Always nice to keep an eye on claim consolidation in the entire region...
    Acquisition increases Seahawk Ventures Inc. Property Holdings in the Urban-Barry Area
    July 10th, 2018
    Vancouver (July 10, 2018) - Seahawk Ventures Inc. (“Seahawk”) (SHV:CSE) increases property holdings in the Urban-Barry mining area by 287% to 49,988 acres with a phased acquisition over 3 years. Seahawk’s property holdings will increase [...]
    This is a huge block in the emerging urban barry windfall gold district....great move by Seahawk Ventures.  Their other properties border MTO and OSK claims...


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    And neighbour OSK with these huge drilling intercepts today released with NO MILL>>>
    Osisko Mining Deep Drilling Gold Discovery at Windfall, New Wide High-Grade Triple 8 Zone

    Drill Results
    Urban-Barry Belt

    20.4 g/t Au over 28.3 Metres Including 44.5 g/t over 10.0 Metres, 81.1 g/t over 4.0 Metres TORONTO, July 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Osisko Mining Inc. (TSX:OSK) ("Osisko" or the "Corporation") is pleased to announce the discovery of a new wide zone of high-grade gold mineralization at depth, at its 100% owned Windfall Lake gold project located in the Abitibi greenstone belt, Urban Township, Eeyou Istchee James Bay, Québec. In... Read more

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    Yes! OSK hit a great high grade super wide intersection.

    Just keep in mind we are talking 1500m drill hole....

    Oh...just remembered.

    OSK does not have an expandable mill.

    come to think of it.

    OSK does not have a mill period.

    I wonder who in the area has one?

    Oh yes, the new BTR(/MTO)


    somebody must be talking in the backroom....

    don't forget the 4 and 5 m high grade intercepts at Moroy (MTO side of the new BTR) a few days ago.

    high grade ore will be fed to the mill to augment bachelor ore and up the mill feed to 800tpd from the previous 525 tpd average...

    higher production, higher grades...more $$$$$$$$$$$.

    it is essentially a bulk sample at Moroy for info and $$$$$$$$$$$$$....

    then the bulk underground sample at Barry...

    and the high grade drilling intersection at Gladiator BTR today...


    urban barry windfall gold district is on fire...

    oh...then there are explorers on the edges like seahawk ventures snapping up huge tracts of claims bordering osisko/and or metanor(/new btr)...

    got to love it....

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    BTO an MTO as well as KL will all have a booth at the sprott natural resource symposium Vancouver july 17-20th.

    I will not be there.

    If anyone on this board has the time, please extend any of your findings.


    Should be very interesting...

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    Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
    Host Hotel - Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, 900 W. Georgia St., Vancouver, BC V6C2W6, Canada. Telephone: +604-684-3131.
    To Make Reservations: CALL: +800-441-1414 or +604-684-3131; FAX: +604-662-1924.  Please be sure to refer to our group code:  SPROTT, or click here to book online.

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    Neigbour  OSK mining put out a positive pea today, targeting its wide sheets of gold.

    Now in order to put their property  into production, and build a mill etc...they are looking at 4 years from now, as I had on many occasions stated.

    So enjoy the fact that BTR/MTO while we can still call it that, has a 4 year jump on production (from this moment) in comparison to its neighbour, OSK.

    Quite astounding fact, if you ask me.

    A lot of gold is coming out of the BTR/MTO ground in the next 4 years.

    Poured into Gold Bars at its expanding Bachelor Mill...


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    This constant flow of  positive news in the  emerging urban barry windfall gold district...

    it somehow reminds me of the pouring of gold bars in the refinery room....

    at the soon to  be expanded Bachelor Mill...



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    The new BTR (Btr/Mto) is in full on auto mode with the destination predetermined.

    All things coming to a head by or before the beginning of November.

    All while hg ore being fed from Moroy along with bachelor ore feed.

    The final two touchdowns one after the other coming to  reality by that time.

    Updated resource estimates for both MTO and BTR (gladiator)...

    Ho ho ho...

    Merry Christmas...

    well maybe early this year...

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    MTO getting $4 loan on good terms from BTR.

    will use $$$$ toward remainder of  $12 million renegotiated sandstorm deal,

    the completion of which would revert to an NSR...


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    Almost time for the celebration of the merger between MTO and BTR.  Voting offickally on the 18th.

    please make use of your shareholder vote on both sides, or whichever side you are a shareholder.

    Literally weeks after the marriage, the new BTR will roar out of the gate with a bang.

    A huge updated resource estimate for Gladiator deposit is literally 2 months away.

    And info from the current MTO side will bolster the NR's coming the new BTR's way.

    All to benefit us the shareholders.

    Do not concern with the present share price...

    look toward how much it will go UP...


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    You can locate your Control Number as 15 digits at the bottom left corner on first page in your investor package for MTO.

    Voting online is easy at investorvote

    you can make your choice or go with the highlighted management recommendation.

    just takes a moment.

    make use of your vote as a shareholder...

    bashers without shares do not have that right...


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