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    I gotta be honest, was disapointed with this... MTO was worth much more imo... don't understand the logic.. BTR will prob roll back now, any other thoughts?

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    I see positive movement forward even with the 400 million plus shares with the new BTR...

    existing BTR shareholders will receive the SpinCo larder lake property spinout.

    existing MTO shareholders will receive 1.6 BTR shares/1 MTO shares without spinout.

    In the meantime, both sides receive the benefits of each other...that means the grades, the expandable Mill, the Gold, the increased production, the ability to choose the order of which ore to pass through the Mill,  an updated resource estimate on both sides of the equation upcoming, 50000 t underground bulk sample at Barry toward the end of the year...

    So we have gold on multiple fronts, upgraded Mill, a huge leap in upgraded resource.

    And shared info among the technical teams....

    that is ALOT of news on the horizon.  And think about it.  Much news is headed our way before the LOI is complete.  So do not be surprised if the needle on both btr and mto share price moves up significantly before the LOI is complete.

    Then you do not have to look for the smile on your face in the mirror.

    It will already be there...


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