Is this a potential takeout?



I have been involved in this play for awhile, I must say though I have never been this excited. I noticed someone on stockhouse make an interesting suggestion:

4 kms away from mill 1 million oz will pay big cause its cheap to mine in Washington State and the Mill is right there so Kinross will easy pay 300 per oz in ground”

^ They make an excellent point. As these drill holes continue to kick back, the more intriguing it could be for a major to swoop in and take us out.

Does anyone happen to know how long this drilling program is going to run? Are we well funded for the next program? I tried calling management last week and I got no answer.

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    This is just another jr that is trying to hit the lottery. It doesn't look that promising, I hope you don't invest just for location.

    That would be pretty unwise. ;)

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