Everyone just needs to relax on Novo…



Even though the bulk sample was disappointing, I think its worth considering the type of meat behind this company…

  1. World class shareholders (Kirkland Lake Gold, Creasy Group and MANAGEMENT AND INSIDERS control 11.84%)
  2. Hottest area in the world
  3. 70mm in cash and no debt…


The thing to look for is if insiders add here, will be very interesting. Another good one to watch is Pacton Gold – which is quickly expanding land package next to Novo – and is trading much less.

Which is also spearheaded by some major shareholders such as Eric Sprott…

Interesting times ahead for Novo and Pacton!

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    I agree, why would kirkland lake gold invest so much into this project unless they knew this would be a winner...

    That pullback was a massive buying opportunity.

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    Clearly, this is turning into the next big mining company... with Kirkland dumping millions alongside with Eric Sprott this one will be a winner.

    Companies are just acquiring land near them (Pacton) and their valuations are skyrocketing. This is the next big play, and by far the hottest exploration areas...

    I would be interested to hear a bears prospective on Novo...


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