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    Aumonster, again, understand your concerns on the outstanding shares of the new btr.

    Here are some thoughts to consider in thinking of share price.

    The LOI completion in October will be an acknowledgement of the merger btr/mto.

    That entails the combination of all mineral resources along its entire property holdings.

    And the only expanding Mill in the district.

    The gold rich ore from Moroy is being added to the ore feed at the bachelor mill.

    The $4 million loan to mto from btr is secured and will be used to pay down the remainder of the renegotiated sandstorm gold stream deal...reverting to an nsr afterward.

    The voting taking place by btr and mto shareholders sept 18th.

    October is coming fast and furious.

    LOI will be complete.

    Then shortly after Halloween (2 weeks) or by then the updated resource estimate on gladiator deposit by the new BTR.

    This will be a significant milestone which will be seen by the marketplace as a huge upside potential in investing.

    How?  Well this new updated resource estimate will be replacing its 273000 ounces of gold estimated for the gladiator property.

    Now, for example, a 6 or 700 % increase in resource, would be monumental, would it not?

    Tie that in with the fact that mto has stated it is applying for an upgrade in its mill capacity.

    And MTO will provide their updated resource estimate for their properties.

    There will be a re-rating of value for their individual and combined assets as a whole.

    Barry (mto) 50000 t underground bulk sample will be completed before the end of the year.

    That is what I am seeing.

    The market will begin to perceive it as well.

    Do not underestimate the resource next door at OSK, even though its share price was punished with its recent

    updated resource estimate.   I have previously outlined reasons for this in previous posts which anyone can look back on.

    Take a look at OSK last NR which you can see on their website with the hg infill drilling results. Its share price rebounded somewhat in last 3 weeks if you check.

    Shares of mto have been tightly held for months with little trading.

    BTR is where more shares can be purchased to maximize our future wealth.

    Buy low, sell high.

    That should help alleviate any worries or concerns.  (nobody likes 400000 shares...I agree with that point)

    hope it helps.

    good luck.

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    Hi Aumonster.  What do you think of the BTR run up in share price from 30 cents to 44 cents in relatively  short order?  Official vote on SpinCo tomorrow.

    Though some seemed to barely blink at the drilling intersections, there was good volume trading last couple of days.

    Now the news and rumblings you were waiting is just about to arrive.

    Dale Ginn will be speaking at the BTR presentation at the end of the week in Colorado.  A clear outline of the road ahead.  Building a larger resource through upcoming updated resource estimate at gladiator, further discovery at multiple areas ,, increasing mill capacity,

    Everything lining up for a memorable Christmas with lots of New Years cheer.

    Before then, look for the updated resource estimate for gladiator in around mid November.

    News about BTR's expanding Mill and more drill results from their gold claims on present MTO side.

    MTO side Barry 50000t underground bulk sample.

    All will be contributing catalysts in this run up in the share price of BTR.

    Increased Gold production in 2019 is what we as shareholders have to look forward to....

    Neighbour Osisko Mining continued hg drill results, and still without a Mill...mmm...