Consolidation… strong chances. $BTR



When this deal with MTO is complete one would have to believe Bonterra will for sure consolidate. I have never been so disappointed in the 20 years of investing then in this company. They have totally screwed shareholders. Dilution through the nose, for sure 10/1 roll back.

I am sure Sprott just wanted to consolidate his position in the camp!



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    you were disappointed with MTO? BTR?

    what year did you invest?

    look forward, not backward.

    are you an MTO shareholder?



    Cheer up.

    less than 2 weeks for the voting of shareholders of both MTO/ BTR.

    soon to be husband and wife.  merger to be greatly celebrated by many shareholders on both sides.

    gold + gold equals More Gold.

    Mill plus expansion equals Bigger Mill.

    is all of the above something to look forward to?


    Did we forget the Updated resource estimate for Gladiator deposit (the new BTR) around Halloween or shortly after?

    And the updated resource estimates from the new BTR on their properties which now lie on MTO side?

    And the 50000 ton bulk sample at Barry (MTO side) before Christmas.

    Sounds like a lot of Christmas cheer headed our way.

    For those with shares, that is...

    ps: anyone see the OSK news...

    Clear blue skies ahead...

    Remember the supporters of this wedding...