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    BTR is going to reveal how much hg gold it has spread across its 3 properties.

    Moroy, Barry, and Gladiator.  Followed by a PEA, then a Feasibility study.


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    Next door Osisko Mining announced Discovery 1 hole to begin this month.  Longest drill hole in Canada.  It will take 6 months to complete.  Testing at depth 3-3.5 Km.  Special drill rig.

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    BTR 4 Drills Active.  2 on Moroy, I Gladiator, 1 Barry.

    Almost 16000 m drilled last quarter ending feb 28 ---15000 m drilling planned and this quarter.

    RE will include drilling up to march 31st.

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    The RE is going to allow a visual of how BTR stacks up against Osisko Mining.

    A tiny fraction of its market cap.  Small outstanding shares.

    Small capex vs OSK.

    See the RE #.

    BTR presently valued based on old 43-101 with 273000 ounces.

    RE going to be exponentially higher.

    Mill being updated to 2400 t/d  vs OSK no mill.

    Short time frame to production vs OSK near 5 years without mill.

    $60-$100 million capex vs OSK with $400 capex and much more dilution.

    What is BTR really worth?



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