BTR Gladiator Speaks



BTR  Gladiator property extended to 4.5 km

Bonterra Resources and Duke Option Drilling Extends Gladiator Length to 4.5 km
Drill Results Gold Urban-Barry Belt
VANCOUVER, Nov. 20, 2018 /CNW/ – Bonterra Resources Inc. (TSX-V: BTR, OTCQX: BONXD, FSE: 9BR1) (the “Company” or “Bonterra”) is pleased to announce that the Gladiator mineralized trend has been extended to over 4.5 km as a result of new drill results as well as new information gained through the Duke joint venture database. Drilling by Bonterra and by the previous owner of the Duke ground (Beaufield Resources Inc., now… Read more

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    Strike length of 4.5 km further illustrates the further targets which will be explored.

    Huge potential as similarities in structure have been established.

    Interesting is when the initial updated resource estimate is published,

    This new info from past drilling including by Beaufield shows potential for even a much larger resource down the line.

    Amazing news...

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    Any future amalgamation with OSK would be muliples of OSK shares / 1 BTR share when considering the share structure of both companies.

    Remember, BTR has only 40 million shares, yet in similar price range of OSK.

    BTR has the Mill about to undergo a Huge Upgrade to process  Lots of Gold.

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

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    KL has been allowing this seed it helped grow into this great tree which will provide Gold apples  in the Expanded Mill next year.

    OSK has been helped along as well.

    See a Combo Platter on the Menu...

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    BTR  >>>   Moroy  plus Barry  2019

    500 t/d  +  900 t/d   =  100000 ounces/year production rate

    Gladiator ore to be added 2020 >>> additional 1000 t/d

    100000 ounces/year production rate


    Total 200000 ounces/year production rate


    Urban Barry Mill Expanding to 2400 t/d


    OSK >>>  Lynx

    If BTR combines with OSK

    Lots and Lots of Gold for decades...

    Predicted by Tony Makuch...

    Expounded upon  by Greg Gibson...stating common synergies working toward a common goal...


    Follow the Yellow Brick Road...


    KL is ensuring it is being built...

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    With KL purchasing more shares of OSK, we see a further consolidation of the urban barry windfall gold district  in the works.

    New infill drilling results released by OSK lead up to an updated resource estimate at Lynx, which may be released before the end of next week.

    This will shift gold over from Inferred to Indicated ounces.


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    OSK revealed more Indicated ounces transferred over from Inferred, and roughly 235000 more ounces of gold overall.

    The emerging urban barry windfall district is being ready to be assembled.

    BTR, with Gladiator and Barry ready to speak on their updated resource estimates.

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road...


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    With the consolidation, when will that BTR resource estimate be available? Would serve useful for shareholders to know if we can begin processing ore in the mill to generate some cashflow?

    Any insights would be appreciated...

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    not yet for Bonterra with Gladiator and Barry to come out shortly.

    OSK just released their updated resource at Lynx.

    About 235000 more ounces with about 3.1 million ounces gold.

    Encouraging was the higher grade in both indicated and inferred resource along with transferring some inferred ounces to indicated.

    In the meantime hang tight with your BTR shares and enjoy this from today on BTR...

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    BTR may decide to hold off on releasing estimate till the spring.  It would allow for more targets to be hit and infill drilling which would increase indicated resource, rather than just a high inferred resource.

    Just a hunch.

    If you add the 3 million ounces on OSK side With NO MILL, and project around 2 million ounces on BTR side...that is quite a beginning...

    OSK has no need to wait 4-5 years to build their own mill if a marriage made in heaven takes place.

    And with that KL can with their blessings allow it to happen.

    Then either take over themselves, or offer the platter up at well over $1 billion to a major gold producer.

    What we know is this urban barry windfall gold district is happening....


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    KL is increasing production forecast to 2021.

    Increased dividend announced today.

    Anyone notice KL sp move upward last short while?

    Its market cap has ballooned to near $6.9 Billion dollars.

    In essence cheaper to buy BTR...

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    much of worries from investors or concern comes from not knowing, or waiting.

    through experience, you can work through this impatience and see the end game with confidence.

    the observer for example near the end of october saw gtr share price at what he perceived as very low around 28 cents.

    Yet in a short span it shot up to a high of 58 cents and is now around 39 cents.  Not so bad in an environment where gold juniors are mostly way down.

    And consider they were free shares to those who were in btr previously...

    BTR will be a big prize, both to the owner in the end, and to the shareholder.

    Remember KL, is not the only large fish in the sea...

    If someone else swallows BTR,  it may be a large entity which is currently undervalued.

    So, it will give us as shareholders the opportunity to gain in that upsurge in share value as well.

    And our neigbour, OSK, with all its glitter underground, does not wish to be left out in the cold, alone.

    Without a Mill...

    All part of the package which becomes the urban barry windfall gold district.

    The story of 2019.

    Follow the yellow brick road...

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    Interesting, Dow30  under 24000 and price of gold peaked over $1250.

    All before wednesday and the fed rate hike?

    Like to see the VIX volatility keep rising near 25 toward 30.

    And the S&P500 begin to crumble below 2550...

    They would be all good signs for gold...

    And BTR....

    Weakness in the $US will seal the deal.

    And signal rise in the price of Gold...

    Even President Trump asking for no more fed hikes...when the feds going to listen before

    they begin quantitative easing...

    going to be too little too late with that debt bigger than ever imagined...

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    6 Months Down the Line a newly updated Mill at BTR ready to pour.

    Beginning with a 100000 ounces rate/year production...

    By latter half 2020 adding 100000 ounces rate/year  More...

    Ho Ho Ho

    Merry Christmas...

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    Dashing through the Mill,

    Without even hardly a spill,

    Underground BTR goes...

    Laughing all the way...

    Ha Ha Ha...

    2020 will be the year of Gold...

    2019 will be where it will be told.

    Urban Barry Windfall Gold district will unfold...

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    Keeping Spirits Bright,

    Real Investors holding their shares tight.

    KL and Eric Sprott,

    Both being a helpful Guide,

    Sharing in the BTR star..

    So that we may fill up our  golden Cookie Jar...



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    OSK initial results from their bulk sample at lynx indicated a 39% increase in mill heads.

    Great #'s...


    04:13 PM EST, 12/18/2018 (MT Newswires) -- Osisko Mining (OSK.TO) said after market close on Tuesday a bulk sample from its Windfall gold project in northern Quebec yielded 650 ounces of gold and 366 ounces of silver.
    The company said 2,078 tonnes of the 5,000 tonne sample has been processed so far, with the remainder to be milled early next month. The gold and silver content in the sample graded at 9.7 and 5.5 grams per tonne of gold and silver, respectively.
    "We are very pleased to deliver an early Christmas gift to our shareholders with these great preliminary results from the Zone 27 bulk sample," chief executive John Burzynski said in a release. "Having the grade come in 39% higher than anticipated is a strong result."
    The company plans to process a total of three bulk samples from the site as part of its evaluation program for the project.

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    Dow and S&P 500 both getting squashed...

    VIX volatility way up to 35.

    Gold doing well.

    BTR set by the directors and management under the same understanding.

    All ducks lined up in a row.

    Merry Christmas...

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    Price of gold must continue on higher highs and higher lows.

    It was dangerously following toward the bottom of the Bollinger bands until this latest run back to the middle.

    This latest deterioration of the dow 30 and S&P 500 is encouraging the rise in gold, along with the weakening of the $US...


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    The VIX was validating the fear which is finally entering into the markets.


    Need atleast another couple weeks of this.

    Was very happy once I saw it heading toward 30.

    Now reaching 35...

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    Strengthening of the $US can come back on a dime...

    This will act as a headwind to the price of gold.

    At some point this coming year, the sluggish world growth, and debt will catch up with the feds, and they

    will first have to completely stop the fed interest rate raises, then lead back to qe...

    Then price of gold will sky rocket...

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    Democrats are licking their chops as soon they will have more power to put more wrenches to screw up the good that

    President Trump is enabling into the USA.

    The trade war is going to be ongoing.

    $US debt is only growing...

    Spiralling out of control.

    Central banks around the world have already created their exit plan, hoarding gold bullion....



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    President Trump  "The only problem our economy has is the Fed," the president said on Twitter. "They don't have a feel for the Market, they don't understand necessary Trade Wars or Strong Dollars or even Democrat Shutdowns over Borders. The Fed is like a powerful golfer who can't score because he has no touch — he can't putt!"

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    Price of Gold...

    Though presently under pressure,

    Look for Higher Highs

    And Higher lows...

    Even not just at close

    Notice Today reached as high as $1274.55,

    Now  currently $1268.95...

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    I see  inherent value of BTR (post updated resources for Gladiator, Barry, and later Moroy Plus UPDATED MILL)

    As Between $14 and $17...

    If BTR is absorbed before this value, it will be added to the Acquirer of BTR...

    Future is bright...

    That would equate to a market cap of $600-$900 million for BTR...

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    BTR has a competent and confident team including seasoned directors, and institutional investors,

    All who know how to get things done.

    Upgraded Urban Barry Mill

    3 resource estimates (Gladiator and Barry, followed by Moroy)

    Relatively small $$$$ toward production.

    First feeding ore from Barry and Moroy mid 2019.

    Doubling production of gold mid 2020 closing in on a 200000 ounce/year production rate.

    $$$$$$$$$$$  in the bank

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road...


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    S&P 500 turned positive.

    let us see if gold remains above $1270...

    Wow, silver almost within range of touching $15...


    1,276.90 +5.10    +0.40%

    14.967 +0.147    +0.99%

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    Our future lies in BTR as it will have 3 ore feeds maxing out a 2400t/d updated Mill with huge profits $$$$$$$$$...

    Mid 2020 for a 200000 ounce/year/ production rate is not far.

    And gold price by then?  UP...

    Mid 2019,  100000 ounces/year/production rate with ore feed from both Barry and Moroy...

    Follow the yellow brick road...

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    On a day where S&P500 and Dow 30 has been skyrocketing last couple of hours,

    interesting that the net effect is gold only a couple of dollars down from previous close.

    And silver still up 1.8%

    Almost as though this surge is simply keeping a lid on gold for the time being.

    Possibly part of it was President Trump expressing the market is an absolute bargain.

    Gold ready to shine again...

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    Today Gold close should be higher than previous close.

    consumers losing confidence in the regular stocks.

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    Gold above $1290 moving toward $1310 may encounter resistance.

    The last 2 days Dow 30 and S&P 500 reversed course for gains in the latter half of the trading days.

    weaker $US dollar will act as a friend to Gold,

    stronger $US dollar as Enemy of Gold.


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    Trade wars, no US budget, shifting of powers to Democrats upcoming, internal changes in whitehouse,

    US DEBT, low consumer confidence, world stagnant growth,

    All these and more not going away soon...

    Gold is gearing up for long term move UP.

    manipulators may have their way for a bit longer though...

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    In the meantime, BTR is getting near to releasing updated  resource estimates for both  Gladiator and Barry.

    Later in 2019 Moroy.

    Upgraded Mill to be complete by mid 2019.   Fast track to production feeding ore from Barry and Moroy.

    Followed by lots of ore feed from Gladiator.

    Sprott will invest even more heavily after mid January when it has pinpointed 5-7 most valued M&A companies.

    Could BTR be amongst those select few?

    Remember $80 million has been carefully invested in BTR through KL and E. Sprott...

    I am certain Rick Rule has made wise selections  using his vast investment knowledge and many decades of experience choosing the winners...

    So whenever these legends in the mining industry come across mining parcels containing several million ounces or more in a friendly mining district, bordering another similar type deposit, what do you think they do and have been doing the last few years?

    Does this scenario ring a bell?

    Oh and there is an Upgraded Mill in the works?


    sounds like a dream.

    or a plan unfolding...

    follow the yellow brick road...


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    Providing financing during a lull in activity suggests 2 things very quickly.

    Smarts in choices by the financing company and

    Utilizing the timing to avoid competition.

    Moreover to facilitate the growth of a junior explorer which will give back returns  exponentially in the future.

    Who would have thought.


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    Osisko Mining Announces Renewal of Normal Course Issuer Bid

    Share Buyback

    TORONTO, Dec. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Osisko Mining Inc. (TSX:OSK) (the "Corporation" or "Osisko") today announces renewal of the normal course issuer bid program of the Corporation to purchase for cancellation, from time to time over a 12-month period, common shares of the Corporation ("Common Shares") listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") in an aggregate amount of up to 10% of the "public float" of the Corporation... Read more

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    Just think, in the vicinity of 85000 ounces / year production rate in the  later half of 2019.

    Now that is a lot of ch ch ch changes, and a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$  CASH...

    Add 100 000 ounces / year / production rate the following year.

    BTR has a bright Future.

    and all long shareholders...

    185000 ounces on the wall....185000 ounces, that is a lot of gold to pour.

    I can even hope for BTR to pour some more...

    An updated Mill, without hardly a spill,

    we as shareholders, will get our long lasting fill.



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    Anybody care to guess how much info and gold will be extracted from the 50000 t underground bulk sample?

    And naysayers  were worried about paying off  SSL...

    Not hardly a peep about positives like the huge tax credits in Quebec.

    They will come to good use with all the gold being poured beginning in 2nd half of 2019...

    BTR is the ticket to ride...

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    Indeed, Fed fund futures 0#FF: have largely priced out any hike for next year and now imply a quarter point cut by mid-2020.
    The Treasury market clearly thinks the Fed is done on hikes, with yields on two-year paper US2YT=RR having fallen to just 2.52 percent from a peak of 2.977 percent in November."

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    Walter Pehowich, executive vice-president at Dillon Gage Metals in Addison, Texas, says:

    "Going into 2019, I expect the price of gold to benefit from geopolitical risks and a softening dollar. I expect physical demand for gold to increase exponentially, as investors watch US debt explode and the costs of entitlements getting totally out of hand as our politicians continue to ignore all the warning signs."

    Sarhan of 50 Park Investments concurs, saying he’s been shepherding his clients toward precious metals. Says Sarhan:

    “Gold did not rally when oil began rallying 18 months ago and is extremely undervalued. When inflation picks up and you get economic threats or a bear market for oil like now, the natural hedge to run to will be gold.”

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    OSK up around 20% since December 21st.

    BTR will surprise many who have been getting nervous with its sp...

    Patience will pay off like holding a royal flush...

    Best to all BTR longs for 2019 and 2020, under whatever name it carries by that time.

    Happy New Year!


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    I noticed today how another miner leaped 34% this morning mostly relying on newsletter effect.

    BTR will have sustained gains as its gold resources are realized...

    No stopping this train.

    Too planning, meticulous exploration, and positive drill results.

    And that Mill being updated.

    2, followed by 3 ore feeds...

    BTR is the chosen one...

    PDAC coming up in 2 months...

    Aumonster, hope you can be there in Toronto.



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    US Debt, US-China Tariffs, world slowdown on economic growth.

    These will all creep in even after President Trump pulls a rabbit out of the hat with a deal including the wall...

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    Gold has bounced back $7 , recovering some of that $22 drop off the cliff which it experienced today.

    Gold lies around $1285 at the moment, one day after touching $1300...


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