Bonterra… when will production begin?



With the mill in order since MTO takeover… when do you think BTR will begin generating free cash flow?

I think BTR will finally catch a bid when it begins producing, but the big question will be… will kirkland take them out before that happens?

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    aumonster, a couple of points.

    everyone waiting on BTR updated resource for gladiator and barry,

    the longer it goes the higher the resource...

    larger # easier to negotiate higher value in merger and acquisitions.

    a  rough timeline has been given for production, both in terms of tonnage and production forecast of ounces produced rate/year.

    all is playing out nicely.

    we must be patient.

    enjoy any info which comes next Thursday from Burrard st. Vancouver at the BTR  annual general meeting....

    Can anyone come up with a similar or better project in a friendly mining jurisdiction with such a fast track to production?  With a Mill to be expanded? And not needing a couple hundred million $$$$$ to build a new mill...

    And a neighbour with 800000 m drilling? which needs a mill?

    And both having a big brother and overwatcher who have combined contributed $80 million to BTR and OSK in their recent development.

    I think it would be nearly impossible.

    Stay confident and true with your investment decision.

    The billionaires are taking large steps.

    And we will also take large strides as the value of BTR is realized...