Bonterra Resources star of 2019



BTR will make  its share price move up

as in its normal course.

Updated resource estimates for Gladiator and Barry will predate the completion of the Mill.

Continued drilling at depth at Moroy.

Targets lying into the duke extensions which have given gladiator a 4.5 km swath of gold exploration to reveal itself.

With more Gold on the horizon…


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    BTR has a very properties under its belt.  Much of it was covered by overburden.

    So, even though underground, structures are easily identifiable, much of the current discoveries

    to date, did not have the benefit of outlying outcrops to visually locate these huge underlying gold structures.

    Consisting of gold seams with tensional veins,  which contain hg gold.

    Road Access, power, favourable mining jurisdiction, financing and key management changes, have all

    aided as important ingredients in binding this company into a winner.

    Fast track to production, like few others its peer class, an updated Mill will allow initially

    ore feed from both Moroy and Barry.  The 85000 ounce / year production rate will allow profits

    to flow freely, as production will more than double with the addition of ore feed from Gladiator in mid 2020...


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    BTR updated resource estimates at Gladiator and Barry coming.

    OSK on its border has a few million ounces on their turf.

    Combining the 2 would satisfy mid-tier and 1st tier gold producer's level of  > 5 million ounces gold in a

    favourable mining jurisdiction.

    The $80 million dollars flowing into these 2 companies over the last couple of years have common backers.

    1+1 = 2

    Owning all of both companies = 1 big Gold pie.

    The target has been drawn...

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    Yes, I am still heavily invested into BTR and OSK but have now been following the MKR story. I believe this entire Urban Barry area is going to catch the attention of many mining investors due to the area being so pro mining with the addition to the type of deposits that could be proven up.

    I notice MKR has caught a bid, hopefully BTR SOON cruises the $3.00 mark... The times are changing with the entire gold market IMO... this 2019 could be a massive year for gold with all this debt and rising rates.. happy new years everyone!

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    Goldbugger, MKR will be part of the urban barry windfall district.

    Their IP over 12 km leading to their upcoming 5000 m drilling program, beginning shortly.

    Let us see if they can get positive assay results by late spring, summer.

    Their are some other tiny juniors on the outskirts which have be accumulating claim holdings, bordering

    both BTR and OSK.

    Once BTR releases the updated resources for gladiator and barry, all eyes will come to this gold district.

    OSK has big releases up their sleeves in the spring...

    OSK has a huge resource which will only get bigger.

    You are aware that they have a $455 million capex, much of that to build a Mill (which they are lacking)

    A deal between BTR and OSK would change things, would they not.

    Both in terms of $$$$$$ saved by OSK not building a new Mill, and Time, which is always valuable.

    Don't forget E. Sprott and KL are heavily invested in both...

    MKR got decent exposure from its IP survey, and its market cap has grown from the rise in its sp.

    OSK gained recently, BTR is next.

    Look for news...

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    I agree, I think BTR is the next one to really start heading higher. OSK and MKR have had a good run the past 2 weeks, will be interesting to see if BTR follows suite. I don't think the market recognizes the value in the mill yet...


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    And beyond the value of the Mill (being upgraded to 2400 t/d) is going to be the revelation that Gladiator which presently has a resource of 273000 ounces...

    With the updated resource estimate, the market will be aware that it will be exponentially many many times higher than that.  Especially when combined with Barry...

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    Those factors, combined with the realization of the Mill to be completed by the 2nd half of the year, will lead to the market understanding the fast track to production...

    Gold bars....


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    Even more interesting will be the fact that before the end of this year, the production rate will be around 85000 ounces / year...

    Only from Barry and Moroy Ore feed.

    Then production will more than Double in 2020 including the ore feed from Gladiator when added to those two...

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    Profits will be reinvested into more drilling and exploration.

    Those Huge Tax Credits will come in handy with all that Gold to be poured in the next two years, and decades to


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    The Lamaque Mine at Val d'or produced close to 10 million ounces of gold over 50 year production.

    And Integra Gold managed to buy the leftovers including the mill for under $8 million dollars (cash plus shares).

    Then less than 5 years later, and finding a satellite triangle deposit 2.5 km away, sold the company for $590 million

    to Eldorado Gold.  And Eldorado Gold felt it was a great buy with an average production rate of 117000 ounces/year

    for a 7 year mine life plan.

    Now relate this story to Bonterra Resources this year to be reaching around 85000 ounces/year production rate.

    And close to 200000 ounces a year production rate in 2020.

    Now do we see VALUE here?

    Plop a 2.8 million ounces of Gold estimate next door at OSK which will only get bigger.

    Without a Mill at OSK...

    See the drill results from OSK from the link a few messages above...

    Now we are seeing a larger picture of things to come.

    Gold for decades....

    Many jobs for the locals...

    And gold  price going up into a bull market...

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    Hats off to the BTR team and what they are accomplishing, as we

    comfortably  watch our share price  rise...

    and the Urban Barry Windfall Gold District to unfold.

    History in the making...

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    And just a note on the Lamaque Mine.  When Integra Gold sold to Eldorado Gold, they were not producing yet.

    And Eldorado Gold had more $$$$$ to spend  ready for production...

    In short, BTR is a Bargain...

    The extensions which run into the duke property is 70% BTR  / 30 % OSK...

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    The old resource estimate of just over quarter million ounces was based on a small amount of drilling over a 200m x 200 m area with a  seam of gold.

    Now the main Gladiator deposit comprises an area over 1 km  X  1 km with 6 zones and tensional veins.

    And with more recent exploratiory drilling toward the duke claims their is 4.5 km of area to be included in exploration.

    And we have not even talked about Barry and Moroy yet...

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    Over 150000m drilling completed after the previous estimate, will be used in the updated resource estimate for Gladiator.

    Extensive drilling results will be used to calculate a separate resource estimate for Barry.

    And later, Moroy...

    Huge potential being unlocked with BTR...


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    BTR had an interested buyer at noon today...

    Always better to get in before  the mainstream buyers get whiff of what is happening in this

    emerging urban barry windfall gold district.

    Everything laid out there for all long shareholders to have full confidence in BTR.



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    With results like OSK a few days ago over 2000 g/t over 2 m , well worth the wait.

    With OSK ready for Big news by PDAC 2019, would be appropriate for BTR to do the same.

    Great for both...

    Amazing things for those who wait...

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    OSK has approximately 5 times the # of shares vs BTR

    OSK has similar share price vs BTR

    BTR has a MILL in hand in roughly 6 months,  vs $455 million capex and 4-5 years for OSK toward full production...

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    If OSK married BTR, possible on the size of the upgraded footprint to expand even the updated Mill

    to accommodate the hg ore from OSK...

    Imagine the combined production of the 2 encompassed as one...

    400000 ounces / year production rate gold

    Never heard of any similar sized possibilities on the horizon in Canada.

    Have you?

    Just a thought...

    I wonder what KL is thinking?

    And E. Sprott?

    Have any tier one gold producers have a similar thought process

    wondering what if they bought those two to create a mining district

    urban barry windfall gold mining district

    KL and E. Sprott will have a say about all of this.

    That is the one sure thing.

    That is what $80 million of investing in OSK and BTR gets them at the very least...

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    Look to see if gold can slingshot to a close above $1302 in the next couple of weeks.

    This will prevent further drops, and the bears having advantage.

    With no fed raises in sight short term if any moving forward, let the rest of January put a stoker in the fire of gold to

    propel itself upward bull trend.

    Next sunday Monday in a week is the VRIC 2019 at the convention centre in Vancouver.

    Take time to visit the BTR booth...

    Enjoy any positive news coming along the way...

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    Gold needs the $1302--$1313--$1360 to push toward $1391----

    The bears wish a pull back to below $1225 after this January upward trend.

    Bears always try to take advantage of the bearish may to summer tendencies of the precious metals before the fall

    upward trend into the new year...

    The Chinese New Year approaching in the next 3 weeks is usually an encouraging time for Chinese to buy gold...


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    The 50000 t bulk sample at Barry is going to reveal very important information and #'s.

    First, the size of the bulk sample will be very indicative of what to expect in mining the ore underground at Barry.

    It will aid tremendously in the planning of extracting underground ore and help in further exploration targets.

    Secondly, the hg will be interesting as it relates to grade.  If higher grade can be essentially extracted from the same

    number of t, this will result in more ounces of Gold.

    Furthermore, and actual reduction in costs, in being able to extract more ounces from similar work and tonnage milled....

    Therefore in interpolating earnings etc,.., necessary to keep these factors in mind, rather than using standard methods which do not take into account the savings in milling costs with higher grades, and similar tons...

    BTR has Moroy with its intersecting structures at depth meeting bachelor, Barry, and Gladiator all going to be fed into an Updated Mill.

    Barry and Moroy will begin feeding its ore into the updated Mill in the second half of this year...

    Anyone on this board still feel OSK will wait 4-5 years with a $455 million capex to build their own mill as their road to production? ...

    BTR investors who came in recently, understand that MTO completed extensive drilling at Both Moroy, and

    Barry prior to the merger with BTR...

    The value of these 3 properties as they are revealed is getting bigger every moment.

    Gladiator main section over 1 x 1 km with 6 gold seams (200x200m produced a 273000 ounce estimate)

    4.5 km at gladiator including the recently drilled intersections running on to the old duke claims. (70%BTR/30%OSK).

    HG drilling intersections and new "discovery holes" do not always come in the beginning.  And with so many areas of

    exploration there will be time to develop and expand potential zones which yielded a hg intersection such as Moss...


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    It would be encouraging to see the S&P 500 move lower, again below 2400.

    This would facilitate more drops to the 2200 level, thus supporting the rise in

    the price of gold...

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    The majors continue to realize that gold reserves are vital to their success and survival.

    M & A's continue with the announcement Newmont acquired Goldcorp in $10 billion all stock deal...

    Just a reminder, properties and companies holding 5 million ounces in a friendly mining jurisdiction are an

    automatic target....

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    worries over world stagnant growth is penetrating deep into the investing world,  providing a larger base for gold.

    China's slowed growth permeates world markets, and investors in more commonly invested equities are looking over their shoulder fearing a downturn in the markets...


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    Brexit will be back in focus, and Britain may take a brunt of a storm on their currency.

    Prime Minister May may not dance her way out of this one politically...

    Likely to be voted down on her present maneuver finessing Brexit and attempting to keep her political power...

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    Extension of the shutdown and the subsequent slowdown in the United States economy "contributes to the fact that the U.S. Federal Reserve will likely not raise rates at all this year," INTL's Meir said.

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    Gold buying coming from both china and india  could help along with the extension of the gov't shutdown and the Brexit vote in UK parliament.

    Concern over global slowdown, and the fed admitted they  will take this into account.

    All are going to aid gold.


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    The fed has gotten away with little exposure to the fact that the reduction of the balance sheet.

    This in itself is similar to the effects of a fed rate raise.

    The $US debt will be a huge slap in the face at some point...

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    The quality properties under BTR's belt are under the eyes of those who wish to add their own resources.

    E. Sprott and KL have been investing into this district from early in  development stage for a reason.

    Large resource with a mill undergoing an update in a friendly mining jurisdiction.

    Bordering another large resource.

    Our investment is a no brainer....

    Great  things will come from our patience...

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    Gold still above $1288 with a strong $US today just as the Brexit vote is happening...

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    Gwen Preston will be speaking at the Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver Hotel Georgia this Friday, Saturday...