Bonterra Resources share price



BTR made a quick run recently from 30 cents/share to 47 cents.

Retreated to 34 cents, now through volume trading has regained back to 40 cents leading into thanksgiving weekend.

Two important factors to consider.

First, the inherent value in Gladiator, and the merger with Metanor Resources has not translated to the share price as yet.

Greg Gibson in the BTR Denver Gold Forum interview spoke of OSK and BTR working on south and north, with synergies toward the same goal.

A gold district.

Secondly, the updated resource estimate at gladiator is likely to released in the next couple of weeks.  This beautiful number does not have the pressure which OSK had when they released 2.9 million ounces mostly inferred.

The reason is, gladiator though completing 130000 m or more drilled contributing to this updated resource is far from the 600000 used toward OSK resource estimate.  So if gladiator initially comes out with 2 million ounces gold, that is great…need have overly high expectations of a number, just to be deflated by the market if not meeting such lofty heights.

Also, it is helpful to understand that MTO’s properties now under BTR’s wing.  This means shortly there may be an initial estimate for the Barry property underground.  They are going to do a 50000 t underground bulk sample at Barry which will provide detailed geological info regarding what lies under the open pit.

Interesting is in November OSK may provide an update to their resource at lynx, which would certainly have some of the inferred resource shift over to indicated.

The scene is being set up so that there will be a better window looking at it as an entire district, easier to visualize all the properties under one entity.

Keep in mind it has been stated that with the upgrade of the BTR Mill to 2400tpd, that it will be on a larger footprint, enabling even larger production capacity in the future.

Now that certainly says something.

Who here actually believes that OSK will go ahead with the $400 million capex and build their own mill when the option above is so enticing.  So whoever the owner, the future, of urban barry windfall is one of an emerging giant gold district.

BTR and OSK have suppressed share prices, with lots of space to more fairly represent their properties and BTR infrastructure.

This will not last long…



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    Standby for takeoff

    clear skies ahead.

    While on this journey be prepared for a staggering increase in the updated resource estimate at Gladiator...

    No that is not an extra zero at the end of the previous estimate.  Oh yes there  is...

    beginning with 2, ending with 0,

    only an extra digit this time.

    we are no longer 273000 ounces over 200x200m  ha ha...

    and do not worry.

    experienced pilots,

    smooth landing....

    we are now flying high above the clouds...

    pleasant journey.

    all dreams soon to be realized...


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    The old gladiator resource estimate translated into a small bag of candy, not taking up much space.

    This time around will seem like a pillow case overflowing in comparison.

    tic toc tic toc, gladiator's updated resource estimate is coming in the form  of a giant block.

    this form of candy is in the form of Gold, and the updated Mill next year will pour gold bars.

    Sweeter than making chocolate.

    With that thought, we will have a solid # before the kids go to collect their Halloween candy...

    and more investors will follow this yellow brick road...

    3rd quarter 2019, working toward 100000 ounces / year

    then adding gladiator mid 2020...200000 ounces / year

    brick by brick

    gold that is....

    As Greg Gibson implied  in his BTR presentation at Denver Gold Forum.

    Where in the market will you find a story with this production, on this timeline, with such a small amount $$$ to invest toward production.  There is no other story like this...

    can you imagine producing 200000 ounces gold/year in 2 years from now for $55 million capex on BTR and the Mill upgrade,

    when its neighbour, OSK has a similar initial 200000 ounces / year production on a $400 million capex and 4-5 years before Mill built (if ever plan to be built) and ready for full production.

    So do you not feel BTR is in an unusual position?

    it will be mining gold bars in short mining time span for little $$$ compared to its peers.



    Again, urban barry windfall district will be the Gold story of 2019...

    And OSK will not be left behind...

    too much gold there too...

    more for the party....

    and all having common share backers...


    one giant pie...

    cannot wait for my slice...




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    OSk in the near future will be undertaking an extraordinarily long drill hole going deep.

    It is necessary to use a special drill to achieve this task.

    The district is going to get very interesting...

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    By the end of next week or sooner, updated resource estimate for BTR  Gladiator deposit will be published

    for all to see.

    Great news on the way...

    At some point will be supplemented by info on Barry...

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    All depends on all this paper not being thrown into the face of the marketplace... I still see an inevitable consolidation with nearly 400mm shares outstanding.

    After that I will be buying, great assets in the portfolio just need right share structure in this tough market.

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    TheObserver, hope timing  works for you. It is important you are comfortable before jumping in.

    Do you believe with this inevitable consolidation with all this paper that the share price will plummet? or fall sharply?

    The updated resource estimate  at Gladiator is on tap.

    Good luck...

    I am in for the long term.

    Pretty rare to have this situation with a fast track to production with a relatively small capex...

    Greg Gibson had words to this effect recently...

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    MKR is really putting the news out to support its findings...

    here are some latest outcrop photos...

    Maseres Outcrop Photographs

    October 15, 2018 / TheNewswire / Timmins, Ontario - Melkior Resources Inc. (“Melkior”) (TSXV:MKR) would like to provide the following update to the Maseres Project as there have been several requests for photographs of the area described in Melkiors News Release of October 5, 2018.
    Interested parties are invited to go to to view a set of photographs taken while prospecting and sampling between October 2 and 7, 2018. All of the photographs presented depict bedrock and all of the photographs are restricted to the area described in Melkiors News Release of October 5, 2018.  The photographs are being released to substantiate and elaborate on statements made in Melkiors News Release of October 5, 2018.


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    BTR spinout GTR Gatling Exploration Inc.  back up to 30 cents from 21 cents.

    Up 42% today...

    BTR ready to fire on all cylinders.

    Stay tuned for the updated  BTR  Gladiator resource estimate...

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    There is the share structure theObserver was waiting for.

    A lot of good in this transaction.

    Including the fact the a large chunk of the $20 million is going through FT shares.

    Meaning is it highly advantageous for BTR in this friendly mining jurisdiction of Quebec.

    Lots of bang for the buck drilling.

    Translates into discovery exploration.

    More gold in the ground means greater inherent value.


    TSX is coming to town...

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    An investor would be hard pressed to find another project anywhere of this scope and magnitude offering similar production within 2 years.  All at a $55 million capex.

    And once consolidation is complete the # of shares will be very nice.

    TSX, here we come...

    And with that and the new share price, will come the wave of brokers ready to do unleash the flood of investors with big $$$$$...

    Newsletter writers will come in to make urban barry windfall district the story of 2019...

    Updated resource estimate at Gladiator... and Barry...

    Be Ready...


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    Spring is not too far around the corner.

    Moroy, first resource estimate will be released.

    When added to the about to be released Gladiator, and Barry estimate numbers,

    the total is staggering...

    Remember the additional exploration targets.

    Lots of gold on the horizon.

    All this ore to be fed into a newly expanded 2400 tpd Mill.


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    100000/year  ounces gold production rate by Christmas 2019 scheduled.

    near 200000 ounces gold/year mid 2020, with  the addition of Gladiator ore...

    now that is a yellow brick road....

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    OSK must be getting anxious, with their upcoming "pouring" from a 5000 t bulk sample.

    No Mill,

    $400 million Capex.

    4-5 year time frame.

    lots of gold in the ground.

    No Mill.

    Likely more inferred ounces shifted over to indicated resources inn the spring.

    Again No Mill.

    Marriage made in heaven coming?

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    50000 t underground bulk sample at Barry.

    Huge insight into the underground gold ore under the open pit at Barry.

    Yes, that is 10 times the size of the bulk sample being taken at Osisko property.


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    Bonterra Resources will consist of:

    Barry, both underground and Open Pit resources



    Plus extremely favourable exploration targets to be drilled.


    Do not forget the ability to mix feeds between Moroy, Barry, and Gladiator.

    That can be very advantageous...


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    Lots of drilling potential on the ends of Barry and below 300m...

    imagine if this becomes even  within grasp of the size and scope of Gladiator.

    enormous resources when including open pit at Barry and Gladiator...

    # crunching always change with mining so keep that in perspective.

    In my mind anything around 150000-200000 ounces of gold / year producing at that level by mid 2020 is phenomenal.

    An upgraded  gravity circuit will be included in the new mill.

    "Management adept at building mines and development"

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    Moroy will have an integral part in ore feed 500tpd @ 6 gpt >> 34000 ounces gold/year  being added with ore from Barry in late 2019. (3rd-4th quarter)

    The decent feed grade, coupled with the potential high grade of the 2 intersecting structures of bachelor and moroy meeting at depth, will provide pleasing ore for cetain...

    Barry will enhance the ore feed with 900 tpd @ 7g/t  >> 72000 ounces gold/year

    1000 tpd @ 7.5 g/t  >>85000 ounces gold/year  Gladiator


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    Gladiator will be the last ore feed in the equation when the total production nears 200000 ounces / year.

    1000  tpd will be the impressive contribution from hg Gladiator deposit.

    This rate begins when gladiator is added  around mid 2020 scheduled...

    Everyone waiting for the release of updated resource estimate at Gladiator,

    and an estimate for Barry.

    Stay tuned...


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    KL is like a giant umbrella with its large combined shareholder  interest  looming over  both BTR and OSK.

    They definitely have strong influence  in  the shape the urban barry windfall gold district will emerge,  and who will run the show...

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    This emerging district gold camp will be not only be the story of 2019, but the stuff of legends from which decades of gold will be poured from the newly developed BTR Mill...

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    50000 t underground bulk sample at Barry.

    In addition to all the invaluable info gleaned from this extraordinarily large sample,

    Will be lots of gold poured into bars..

    What is your guess? ....

    And this is before closure for Mill upgrade...

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    <img width="1" height="1" src="">

    Xplor: A Mine of Ideas and Promises for the Future! Français

    News provided by

    Quebec Mineral Exploration Association (AEMQ)
    Oct 22, 2018, 14:00 ET

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    ROUYN-NORANDA, QC, Oct. 22, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - This past October 17 and 18, the Québec Mineral Exploration Association (QMEA) presented its annual convention, Xplor, at Place Bonaventure in Montréal. The convention brought together over 100 exhibitors and 1100 participants, all related to the mining industry in Québec.

    Around thirty presentations on new developments in the mining industry delighted visitors. Educational workshops took place on October 15 and 16. These sessions explained regulations, demystified tools and explained practices in depth. At the Annual Meeting, new members of the Board of Directors were elected, and Mr. Mathieu Savard was chosen as Chairman of the QMEA's Board of Directors for 2018-2019.

    Many visitors celebrated at the opening cocktail party. Mr. Frank Mariage, Chairman of the QMEA's Board of Directors for 2017-2018, took advantage of the event to unveil a new image for the convention, the venue for the 2019 edition, which will be held to Fairmont Queen Elizabeth and the creation of the Association's new website.

    The convention, which was under the honorary presidency of Mr. Pierre Lassonde, Cofounder and Vice-President of Franco-Nevada Mining Corporation, began with a trade show where exhibitors and visitors rubbed shoulders. A range of fascinating presentations kept their audiences' attention and enriched the event with pertinent content.

    The Awards Gala on October 17 was designed to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of a number of industry leaders in 2018. Bonterra Resources was honoured for the Discovery of the Year for its Gladiator project, and the Agnico Eagle Mines Limited exploration team was named Entrepreneur of the Year.

    All in all, this annual enabled the various players in mineral exploration in Québec to meet, compare experiences and create relationships and even future partnerships. The 2019 edition (October 23 and 24) will be promising. Stay tuned!

    About the QMEA
    The QMEA is a professional and industry association representing stakeholders in the mineral exploration sector in Québec. The mission of the Association, which was founded in 1975, is to promote sustainable, responsible exploration of mineral resources in Québec and their essential contribution to the provincial economy. It has 1,200 individual members and 200 corporate members.

    SOURCE Quebec Mineral Exploration Association (AEMQ)

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    BTR will now come out to the forefront with multiple NR's, and major conference presentations on tap.

    The updated resource estimate at Gladiator, and Barry  will turn heads in BTR's direction.

    Remember, resource estimate for Moroy will be released in the spring.


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    The next merger BTR is involved in will tell a much different story to us shareholders.

    BTR has carried much of the weight between exploration activities, including with previous MTO.

    This will allow BTR to be fairly valued as two of its 3 mines will have resource estimates.

    Also, the plan is in place for updated Mill to 2400 tpd.

    This takes much of the risk out of the equation for the merging partner.

    BTR will be rewarded as a result in its value equation.

    It will be in the form of how many shares  of merging partner for BTR shareholders.

    If taking logical step, and being bold to assume it was OSK.

    Try to imagine how many shares OSK shares, BTR shareholders  would receive in this partnership.

    Before coming to any kind of interpolated number, understand that BTR share consolidation is about to take place.

    So then, understand that the share price of the two will be much more similar than they are at this moment.

    Important, to factor in, is the fact that BTR will have roughly 40 million shares.  OSK will have approximately 6 times that number.

    In addition, BTR has the Mill factor.  This is a necessary component of any gold mining entity in order to process the gold and pour gold bars in production.

    It is more important than simply that.  Time factor is involved which means $$$$$$$$$$.   And the existing infrastructure and upgraded  Mill would shave years off of OSK "plan" to build a mill.

    And hundreds of millions of $$$$$$$$$$ in savings of costs of not building a mill and associated infrastructure etc...

    A marriage made in heaven.

    Both sides of the equation would benefit immensely, creating a mid tier producing gold company capable of huge ounces production/year.

    Remember MTO was rewarded 1.6 shares BTR / 1 MTO share.

    This time may be a much different equation.

    3, 4, or more  OSK shares / 1 BTO share would be a great start...

    And KL would benefit for decades through their existing shareholdings in both as it is transformed to another exponential factor to what gladiator, barry, and moroy possess with a Mill to be expanded.

    Bright future ahead....

    The yellow brick road...

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    1) Windfall Lake gold project in Canada
    The best result last week was 2.7m @ 1,026g/t Au from 283.4 meters in hole OSK-W-18-1725 at the Lynx zone of the Windfall Lake gold project of Osisko Mining (OTCPK:OBNNF). This is equal to 2,770 (AuEq.)m and is the best result from Osisko in 2018 following 510 g/t Au over 5.2 meters for 2,652 (AuEq.)m reported in August.
    The company announced a total of 37 intercepts in 17 drill holes and six wedges focused on infill of the Main Windfall Lake and Lynx deposits and on deep-exploration targets. Other significant drill intersections included:

    48.7 g/t Au over 3.3 meters
    59.3 g/t Au over 2.0 meters
    39.3 g/t Au over 2.3 meters
    33.3 g/t Au over 2.7 meters
    9.01 g/t Au over 9.2 meters

    Windfall Lake is located between the Val-d’Or and Chibougamau projects in Québec and is one of the highest-grade gold projects in Canada:
    Source: Osisko Mining
    The project’s current mineral resource estimate includes 2,382,000 tonnes at 7.85 g/t Au (601,000 ounces) in the indicated mineral resource category and 10,605,000 tonnes at 6.70 g/t Au (2,284,000 ounces) in the inferred mineral resource category using a cut-off grade of three grams gold per tonne:

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    Osisko’s exploration budget for its Quebec projects in 2018 is $100 million and the company already discovered of new gold bearing zones in July and August. I think that the recent exploration success of the company will improve the already compelling economics of Windfall which were outlined in a Preliminary Economic Assessment in the middle of July 2018:

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    Seeing Osisko Mining's situation in detail only places more emphasis on the bargain which Bonterra Resources is.

    BTR is in the position of being 1 year from the beginning of being a 100000/ounces / year production rate and 190000/ounces/year production rate by mid 2020.

    And they do not have a $400 million capex as in the OSK   PEA with a 4-5 year timeline.

    And if an outsider large producer were to walk in and takeover solely OSK they would have to consider the buyout price Plus and additional $400 million capex.

    Whereas, BTR on the other hand is on the Fast Track to Production with an Upgraded 2400tpd Mill completed 3rd quarter 2019...

    Now a merger between BTR and OSK would form another possible equation.  The footprint of the new Mill development is such that it could be expanded further for more $$$$...

    And OSK would add a 4th ore feed to the mix.

    The extra few million ounces of gold reserves are not too bad either. ha ha...

    Until deals are inked, BTR will march forward as its new self with a newly expanded Mill in the works for fall next year.

    Their updated reserve estimate at Gladiator will punctuate the fact that they have been very prudent in their extensive drilling by being very accurate.  They will have a better bang for the buck ratio when comparing m drilled to indicated and inferred resources of gold vs OSK in its estimate at lynx.

    Barry estimate will add to the value of total of resources in BTR's fold.

    And next spring, Moroy resource estimate will be added to the BTR mix of resource estimates.

    Remind yourself that with the $3 something share price this week, that the number of BTR shares is extremely attractive.  Now this baby will be on brokers and big $$$$ investors radar.

    There will be movement upward in the share price.

    Great month ahead...

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    India may add to the gold buying on Monday...

    "The most auspicious day of the year to buy gold is Dhanteras, which falls on Nov. 5, two days before the Hindu festival of Diwali. Wearing or gifting of jewelry is thought to bring good fortune during celebrations and weddings."


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    "Over the past six months, these companies have announced numerous significant high-grade exploration results, often including visible gold. Should exploration results continue to impress, it is easy to anticipate that the Urban-Barry region could evolve into Canada’s newest mining camp.
    Importantly, these exploration results have not gone unnoticed by the CEOs of two of these companies as evidenced by the two mergers in the region that have occurred over the past three months --- with Osisko purchasing Beaufield, and Bonterra purchasing Metanor.
    These robust exploration results have also not gone un-noticed by Kirkland and Eric Sprott --- as evidenced by the minority equity investments they have made in Metanor, Bonterra and Osisko over the past year.Clearly, Kirkland wants to be sitting at the negotiating table should the regional gold play continue to evolve into something bigger.
    The purpose of this analysis is to introduce the reader to the Urban-Barry region, summarize some of the main recent corporate transactions amongst its players, and most importantly, provide a template to analyze potential routes of development involving Kirkland should the prospects of the region continue to improve."


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    With the fed's having likely interest rate hikes this December, next march and june,

    I foresee a time after that where they may have to limit or even stall hikes.

    They will be reaching their 3% they were seeking and economy may not be as rosy as they are wishing.

    Depending on the outcome of the US midterm elections, there could be  a quagmire of dead

    locks between the democrats and republicans, making it even more difficult to pass legislation.

    And Debt is only increasing and spiralling out of control...

    Time for gold price then to rise out of control...

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    Even if gold stands at  $1600 mid 2020, that would leave huge profit margins for BTR beginning to produce at a production rate of 190000 ounces/ gold/ year...

    Each successive $50 increment Up in the price of gold over $1350 is a Huge increase in profits...

    Many analysts are seeing a much higher gold price at that time.

    Either scenario means a radically different share price for BTR.

    Much higher...

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    Political instability may be a recurring theme for the remainder of this year into the next.

    Both on the national and international stages...

    European instability of debt countries, along with Brexit.

    North Korea underlying threat of renewing nuk program.  Demanding near term removal of sanctions with little of substance in return...far from what was originally "promised."

    All will be factored together with other positive influences on the price of gold over the next year and going into 2020...

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    OSK has a large cash position at this moment.

    BTR has the mill...

    Deal with shares/ or cash

    Or no deal...

    Big brother KL has been supporting both.

    Larger gold producer(s) lurking...

    BTR holds the ace card with the Mill, and a clear plan.

    Small outstanding shares...

    Let us see the updated resource estimates  for Gladiator...and Barry

    Everything pointing toward a lot of gold in the emerging urban barry windfall district...(BTR + OSK)

    All in the friendly mining jurisdiction of Quebec, in Canada....

    3 mines with a Mill + 1 mine without a mill (each  with a growing resource and  further exploration targets)

    Giant mining district with decades of gold ready to be mined...

    Our future is bright.

    Follow the yellow brick road...

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    BTR received some wind today in its sails as it heads toward the direction of the tsx exchange on the near horizon.

    Its 3 sails are represented by Gladiator, Barry, and Moroy.

    A number will be set shortly as a starting point for Gladiator.

    Joined by Barry.

    Moroy will have a number allotted in the spring.

    This pirate ship full of gold treasure may soon become an armada fleet with OSK joining?

    And KL will be the flagship of the fleet.

    A replica of the Japanese-built galleon San Juan Bautista, in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan

    A replica of the Japanese-built galleon San Juan Bautista, in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan

    The Shogun decided to build a new galleon in Japan to take Vizcaino back to New Spain, together with a Japanese embassy accompanied by Luis Sotelo. The galleon, named Date Maru by the Japanese and later San Juan Bautista by the Spanish, was built in 45 days, with the participation of technical experts from the Bakufu (the Minister of the Navy Mukai Shogen, an acquaintance of William Adams with whom he built several ships, dispatched his Chief Carpenter), 800 shipwrights, 700 smiths, and 3000 carpenters. The daimyo of Sendai, Date Masamune, was put in charge of the project, and named one of his retainers, Hasekura Tsunenaga (his fief was rated at around 600 koku), to lead the mission

    A replica of the Japanese-built galleon San Juan Bautista, in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan




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    Rick Rule  yesterday responding to a phone caller's  BTR question ...

    "we like the exploration results that they have been enjoying"

    "we suspect the whole camp consolidates"

    "its a very very good place to be a gold miner"

    "Its surrounded by very large high quality deposits"

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    Timing of the fed halting interest rate hikes will coincide with the fast track in production for BTR...

    And the addition of the ore feed from Gladiator means that the production rate not only will increase mid-2020 to 190000 ounces/year rate, but the profits will skyrocket.

    Again, each successive $50 leap in gold price is a huge change to cash flow.

    Profits will spiral upwards...

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    $3.30 purchase price not so important.

    more interesting is the timing...

    we and they know what comes next.

    The updated resource estimate for gladiator

    and Barry.

    it should be a nice week for BTR...