Bonterra = Center Piece Around Urban Barry Camp



I think its very important to understand the importance Urban Barry Mill that BTR obtained from MTO in the takeover. With 15 high grade gold deposits within a 110km radius this presents a potential cash flow generator to help fund further exploration and development on its deposit. Even though folks are quick to say BTR will consolidate I don’t know if I agree as the company is now in the position to self-fund operation… 

I would much rather be in BTR vs. OSK to the mill and the logistical aspects of the business. 

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    & yes... After the merger was complete I said they would consolidate... but I never really understood the prospects of their business model but it now makes sense.

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    Hi Aumonster, Bonterra continues to develop its resource through drilling and exploration.  The expansion of the Mill is obviously a great thing.  2400tpd next year beginning with ore from Barry and Moroy.  Gladiator will follow in 2020.

    Then enormity of this district is unfolding, and as Greg Gibson mentioned in his BTR presentation, there are synergies at work in the district.  And he was pointing to the continuous work of OSK and BTR in the region.

    Your continued digesting of info has led you to a better understanding of the road ahead.

    And the yellow brick road lies with BTR and the Mill...

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    Barry and Moroy are nice additions to the resource at Gladiator.

    The ease of access and Moroy ready for extraction of ore.

    Barry, with a 50000 t underground bulk sample being undertaken.

    All adding to value to BTR shareholders.

    Remember KL has already heavily invested in BTR.

    So in keeping, they will also gain from a BTR share price increase.

    That should deflate the argument of those who ask why KL is not taking out BTR immediately at such a bargain.

    The property is being derisked and developed  in proper order.

    Continuation of resource development.

    Upgrade of Mill.

    Proper management and direction in place.

    It is telling if you listen again to the interview of Greg Gibson.

    He is clearly alluding to a consolidation of the urban barry windfall gold district.

    And the value of Bonterra Resources, working toward rapid production with a relatively low capex.

    He compared BTR to its peers...

    Clearly noting this is a special situation playing out.

    Red carpet being layed out.


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    Rick Rule and Eric Sprott have expounded on the merits of value acquisition.

    It is what they live for...

    And those which are "out of favour".

    They seek out the ignored with a valid resource and competent management.

    When asked about which is more important, recently Eric Sprott joked in his reply.

    In the end, the resource must be there.  And is vital.

    That is why ES is heavily invested in BTR.

    Interesting, he is chairman of the board of directors  of KL.

    This is no coincidence...

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    When all the leaders in the mining industry are pointing directly at  BTR,

    it should be more than evident.

    what is in play.

    The urban barry windfall gold district is unfolding with the gold resource being unveiled.

    Where have we seen such extensive drilling in recent years.

    1 million m of drilling...OSK + new BTR...

    Bulk sample of huge proportion 50000t underground bulk sample to be undertaken at Barry.


    Moroy being developed...

    A deep drill rig is being organized to drill deep for OSK...

    Lots more gold to unveil through exploration.

    In the mining friendly Quebec jurisdiction...


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    OSK will now focus on collecting 5000 t bulk sample and process it at an Ontario facility in November...

    what do you think of those hg photos?


    As Greg Gibson Stated in BTR presentation, both OSK and BTR are working on their own with synergies toward the same goal.

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    The custom milling facility in Ontario will provide valuable info regarding the OSK 5000 t bulk sample about to be collected.  November this will be important NR for OSK with these results of the bulk sample...

    On BTR front, upcoming 50000 t underground bulk sample at Barry.

    Updated resource estimate at Gladiator being readied for release.

    More BTR hg drilling results on tap...